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Job boards are a type of search engine which aggregate and display jobs posted by employers seeking new employees. These job boards often target one specific industry like healthcare, transport, or technology. They are among the most popular sites on the internet.

Job board popularity changes rapidly so, as a hiring manager, it is important that you follow the candidates and post your jobs where they will see them.

New job boards are launched every day, so the next Indeed or LinkedIn may already be out there, rapidly soaking up the available candidate pool. The top job boards for your company may not be the most popular ones, so don't be shy to try out new job boards.

Top Job Boards:

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Job Board Name



Indeed is one of the best places to search for jobs. Ask people to name a job board, and you'll get Indeed most of the time. What started off as a job search engine and job aggregator has become the biggest and most popular board worldwide.


Craigslist offers a great platform for local jobs and freelance work. Craigslist has begun charging for job postings in most regions, which has improved posting quality from a job seeker's perspective, but it's no longer a job listing site where employers can post jobs at no cost.


LinkedIn is the world’s most popular social network for professionals. It's fast becoming a place to post jobs due to its enormous reach and growth in active users. LinkedIn mostly caters to professional jobs and senior roles. With the rise of social recruiting, LinkedIn fulfills a prominent role.


Monster.com is a great job board for a wide range of jobs, and it features a great resume database. Pricing is based on the number of postings you buy — the more you buy, the cheaper each post is.


Consider Facebook if you’re looking to find passive recruits - people who aren’t actively looking for a job opportunity. Connecting with people on Facebook also gives you a chance to learn more about them. Posting can be free, but you can increase the visibility of your posts via their paid options.

6.Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is an embedded feature of the normal Google search engine. Candidates entering terms such as "jobs near me" or "sales associate jobs" will see a curated list of jobs. For your jobs to appear, your ATS would need to support the Google Job Posting schema format.


CareerBuilder is a general posting site and is one of the most trusted and trafficked job sites in the U.S. It has direct relationships with 92% of the Fortune 500 companies. Job post pricing is based on the number of posts purchased. Buying job postings in bulk gets you a better price.

8.Find jobs near you

Find jobs near you is a search engine for U.S. job seekers. It offers free posting for seven days.


Jobvertise claims to feature the world’s #1 searchable resume database . Membership fees apply.


JobsRadar is a general job board. Employers get access to more than 50 million U.S. job seekers.


Snagajob is focused on work-per-hour U.S. jobs and has over 60 million registered job seekers.


JobsFlag is a general jobs board website that aggregates job postings from around the web, and allows members to post as well. It offers a membership-based pricing plan, with prices available upon request.


Nexxt is a general jobs board, and claims 53 million active job seekers and about 15 applicants per job posting. It’s one of the original boards, operating since 1998 when it was known as Beyond.


CareerJet is another job aggregator site that gives applicants a place to search for jobs that have been posted all over the Internet. Unlike many aggregator sites, employers can pay to have their jobs advertised on CareerJet, on a cost-per-click basis.


Cleverism is an international job board for general job seekers. The platform features branded employer profiles, a wide range of resources for job seekers, and AI-driven search filters that enable ideal matches between employers and job seekers.


Juju is a job aggregator site that gives applicants a single place to search for jobs that have been posted on other sites around the Internet. Employers can pay to have their jobs advertised on Juju, on a cost-per-click basis. According to the job site, ads are seen by millions of job seekers.


CareerBliss calls itself a Cultural Job Search Engine. It’s a job seeker oriented site that focuses on company culture as a way to help job seekers find employment. Employers can pay to have their jobs advertised on CareerBliss as sponsored jobs.


WeWorkRemotely is the most popular job board for startups looking to hire remote workers. The main job type is software development but they are also an excellent source for writers, marketers, and other startup roles.


Mashable is a large independent online news site with a job board that actively promotes listings to 45 million monthly unique visitors and 25 million social followers.


Lensa is a U.S. job board with more than 10 million members. The AI-powered platform instantly matches job requirements supplied by employers with job seeker resumes and prompts job seekers to contact employers directly.


Geebo is a classifieds site, similar to Craigslist, that claims to filter out scams and other annoyances for job seekers. For employers, Geebo says that it “broadcasts your job announcements to some of the most highly visited and cutting edge Websites in the U.S.” Pricing is per job post.


ClearanceJobs is a jobs board for employers looking to connect with job seekers who have a security clearance. It claims to be “the largest recruiting network in the defense industry, and the nation's only secure, social recruiting site.” Pricing is both membership and pay-per-click.

Top Job Board Pricing:





Free for regular postings, sponsored jobs range from $0.10 to $5.00 per click.


Free and paid options.


From $279.00 /post.

4.Google For Jobs



From $219.00 /mo.

6.Find jobs near you

Free job postings valid for 7 days. Featured jobs cost $145.00 for a 45-day posting.


Contact for quote.


From $89.00 /post.


Contact for quote.


From $199.00 /post.


Contact for quote.


Free and paid options.


$299.00 /post.


From $259.00 /post.


Contact for quote.


From $75.00 /post.


Contact for quote.

Where can I find Remote Job Boards?

See our complete ranked list of the best remote job boards for 2020.

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What are the best job sites to use?

This depends on which industry your company is in. Most industries have a number of niche job boards that focus on that industry. Candidates will usually go to one of these online job boards to start a search before going to a top job search sites like Indeed.

Do job boards work?

Yes. The job market is really tight right now so it may feel like they aren't as effective as they used to be, but this is likely because of historically low unemployment rates making hiring tough for most positions in most of the U.S.

How do job boards work?

Job boards connect job seekers with employers. The best ones minimize spam for both parties and help connect them with the best opportunities for both employee and employer.

Is Indeed the best job board?

For most general roles Indeed is a great place to start posting jobs, but is it the best job board? Indeed is able to drive a startling number of candidates for a wide variety of roles. For highly specialized and competitive roles, Indeed does not do as well due to competition from smaller niche job boards. So, "best" might depend on your industry.

Are there any great engineering job boards?

Yes. Check out the National Society of Professional Engineers job board, EngineeringJobs.net, Engineering.com, and Engineerjobs.com to get started. You can also take a look at our selection of engineering job boards.

What are the best job boards for employers that need to hire nurses?

Nursing is a tough field to hire for these days, but check out nursing job boards such as Nurse.com, NursingJobs.com, and NurseRecruiter to get started, and look at our healthcare job boards and nursing job boards articles for other medical job boards.

What are the best job boards for journalism jobs?

For entry-level journalism jobs and more senior positions, some of the best online job sites include JournalismJobs.com and Media Bistro. See our list of the top editing and publishing job boards for more journalism-related job boards.

What is the difference between a job board and a job search engine?

A job board is a platform on which employers post jobs directly, while a job search engine collates job postings from different job boards and websites on the internet

Where can I find foreign workers?

Check out this guide to finding foreign workers that includes a list of job boards.

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