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Posting a job on Talent.com is free for U.S. employers, but they also give you the option of sponsoring your job ads to make them appear at the top of search results via a flexible pay-per-click budget. Contact Talent.com for pricing information on their sponsored posts.


Although it is based in Quebec, Canada, Talent.com has a global reach. Their job search engine provides access to scores of U.S. jobs and attracts thousands of local and international job seekers every month. Employers wanting to connect with job seekers from around the world for positions in the U.S. should consider this site.

Talent.com offers a powerful job search engine. Job posts featured on Talent.com are sourced from employers' career sites, so they drive potential applicants directly to employers' career portals. Job seekers apply for free. They attract job seekers by featuring a broad selection of unique jobs and constantly indexing new job offers.


  • Talent.com connects U.S. employers with thousands of local and global job seekers.
  • Employers can list their jobs for free.
  • Job posts are sourced from employers' career portals.
  • Employers can opt for pay-per-click sponsored job ads for increased visibility.
  • Sponsored job posts appear at the top of Google for Jobs search results.
  • Integration with employers' ATSs is offered.
  • Employers benefit from their more than 1,000 job network partnerships.
  • Applicants are driven directly to employers' career pages.
  • Salary searches and tax calculation add-ons attract more job seekers.
  • A free mobile app is available to download for iOS and Android users.


  • Only pay-per-click sponsored job ads appear in Google search results.
  • Only sponsored job postings are distributed through their network of partner sites.
  • Candidate matching is not included.
  • No access to a resume database is offered.


On Trustpilot, Talent.com has an average rating of 1.4 out of 5 stars, based on more than 100 reviews. There are some negative reviews from job seekers about the type of jobs they were sent, and employers also noted that customer service needed improvement, and they also mentioned that their results did not reflect their actual clicks.

Talent.com vs. Indeed:

Both Talent.com and Indeed offer large, global job search engines. They similarly feature free job ads, but Indeed has a pay-per-application pricing model allowing employers to only pay for quality applications. While both offer convenient features, such as the option to add screening questions, Talent.com offers a little more for job seekers, including a tax calculator and salary converter tool.

Talent.com vs. ZipRecruiter:

Talent.com and ZipRecruiter differ in that Talent.com provides a global job search engine via job feed integration and direct postings, while ZipRecruiter syndicates job posts to over a hundred other international job boards. Talent.com offers free and sponsored ads, whereas ZipRecruiter's single job posts costs start at $299.00 per month.

Talent.com vs. Craigslist:

Talent.com is a dedicated job site that allows for job searches and job postings, whereas Craigslist is a classified advertisements website that features mainly blue-collar roles in its jobs category. Talent.com offers free and sponsored pay-per-click ads, while Craigslist offers free and paid options, depending on the location.

Key Information

Legal Name



Maxime Droux

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2011


5800 St-Denis, Ste. 604, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3L5 Canada






What is Talent.com?

Talent.com is a worldwide job posting site, available in more than 78 countries, that lists jobs by city and by category. It features a site dedicated to jobs in the U.S.

How can I edit a Talent.com job posting?

  1. To edit your Talent.com job postings, log into your Talent.com employer account.
  2. In the tab listing your jobs, click on the three-dots icon to the right of the listing you want to adjust.
  3. Click on "Edit."
  4. Edit your job post.

How can I delete a Talent.com job posting?

Yes, you can delete job postings from your employer dashboard. Simply locate the posting you want to remove and click on "Delete" to the right of the listing.

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