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Why We Chose LinkedIn, Indeed, and Ladders:

The professional networking site LinkedIn, has over 675 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. Clients can target specific groups of professional and semiskilled individuals, regardless of whether they are actively searching for employment. Advertising options include sponsored content on users' home pages, inbox messages, and more.

LinkedIn's self-service clients can control their spending by setting a daily budget, or by indicating what they would like to pay per click (CPC), for every 1,000 impressions (CPM), or for each message that is delivered to members' inboxes (CPS). Managed campaigns, in turn, are priced on a CPC or CPM basis.

While also not a niche job board, Indeed is another great option for those seeking highly qualified individuals. Employers can reach candidates in over 60 countries through free ads, or via paid ads priced from $5.00 per day. Pricing works on a price-per-application basis, and expenditure will never exceed clients' stipulated budgets.

Finally, Ladders is suitable for those looking to post vacancies with total compensation packages of at least $80,000 per year. Ladders offers separate plans for job posting and resume access. Pricing starts at $599.00 for a promoted job post and $150.00 for the 7-day resume access trial.

Currently, over 25,000 recruiters use Ladders to search for executive staff in the U.S. and Canada. The site has a candidate pool comprising over 10 million members, 92% of whom hold bachelor's degrees.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Professional Job Boards:

  1. To attract suitable candidates, you should target the appropriate pool of prospective applicants. Be sure to investigate the audience of each job board under consideration.
  2. The size of each audience, as well as their level of engagement,will directly impact the quality and quantity of applications that you receive.
  3. Sites that deliver job alerts could help to expand the reach of your advertising efforts.

Best Job Boards for Professionals:


Job Board



Self-service prices are determined by users, who set their daily budgets (min. $10.00 per campaign) or bids (min. $2.00 for CPC or CPM). Managed ad campaigns start at around $5,000.00 per quarter, depending on the region.


Free and paid plans are available. The latter starts at $5.00 per day. Clients can set their budget and only pay for quality applications that meet their minimum requirements.


A promoted job on ladders costs upwards of $599.00 per post. Sourcing plans are also available from $150.00 for those who require resume access.


$399.00-$1,999.00 per month or $3,990.00-$19,990.00 per year, depending on the number of job postings required. There is also a free basic plan.


Contact for quote.


Advertised prices range from $550.00-$990.00, depending on the number of job postings required. Prices for larger packages are available on request.


$100.00-$1,000.00, depending on the number of job postings required.


The platform offers a free job posting service.

9.Inside Higher Ed Careers

$349.00-$749.00 per listing. Unlimited recruiting packages from $2,300.00-$9,500.00.

Comparisons Between Leading Job Boards:

We compared LinkedIn, Indeed, and Ladders to identify the best options for recruiters looking to attract top talent.

Indeed (Free) vs. Ladders Basic:

Indeed allows users to post an unlimited number of ads at no cost, while Ladders' pricing starts at $599.00 for a single promoted job. Both offer applicant screening and phone support, but Ladders has the added bonus of live chat support.

Between the two, Indeed has a wider reach: it connects people in over 60 countries, while Ladders is restricted to the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, Ladders prohibits users from listing financial advisor, commission-only, part-time, and contract roles of under 12 months, plus those with annual compensation under $80,000. Indeed has no such restrictions.

Also worth noting are ad processing times. Ladders screens and uploads ads within 30 minutes of receiving them — at least, on weekdays — while Indeed takes between four and 24 hours.

Indeed (Free) vs. Ladders Basic Comparison:


Indeed (Free)

Ladders Single Job Post

Free Forever


Number of Free Ads

20 /mo.

1 free for paid subscribers.

Geographical Reach

60+ countries.

U.S. and Canada.

Minimum Compensation


$80,000 /yr.

Other Restrictions


Financial advisor, commission-only, part-time, and contract work under 12 months. Jobs that pay under $80,000 /yr.

Time Between Submission and Upload

4-24 hrs.

30 min. on weekdays, possibly "longer" on weekends and holidays.

Applicant Screening

Customer Support

Phone, multilingual help center.

Live chat, phone.

LinkedIn vs. Indeed vs. Ladders:

Of the three options, LinkedIn has the widest reach: the platform currently boasts over 675 million members who are located in more than 200 states and territories. Indeed is also widely available; it houses over 150 million resumes and serves more than 60 countries.

While Ladders' figures seem to pale in comparison to that of LinkedIn and Indeed — Ladders has over 10 million members — it must be reiterated that the job board specializes in high-paying jobs. Nonetheless, the company only serves the U.S. and Canada, which could be constraining for those looking to expand their workforces beyond these contexts.

Another key consideration is the type of work that recruiters can advertise on each site. LinkedIn and Indeed do not impose major restrictions in this regard. Ladders, however, prohibits clients from recruiting for a financial advisor, commission-only, part-time, and contract positions anticipated to last less than 12 months.

Ultimately, prospective clients should bear these considerations in mind along with pricing structures when choosing one or more job boards. LinkedIn offers the most flexible model: clients can set a daily budget, or bid on a CPC, CPM, or CPS basis. Minimum costs are fairly low, but exposure increases alongside bid sizes.

Indeed's pricing structure is also relatively flexible. Users can post an unlimited number of ads for free, and then choose to sponsor each ad for $5.00 per day in order to increase their exposure. Clients only pay for quality applications that meet the minimum criteria set out in their job posts.

Ladders has two separate pricing models. One for job postings and one for candidate sourcing (resume access). Pricing starts at $599.00 per post, making it the more costly option.

LinkedIn vs. Indeed vs. Ladders Comparison:





Base Price

Self-service: min. $10.00 /day or min. $2.00 (CPC or CPM). Managed plans: from approx. $5,000.00 /qtr.



Sponsored Post

Min. $10.00 per campaign (varies depending on the target audience).

From $5.00 /day.

From $599.00 /post.

Geographical Reach

200+ countries and territories.

60+ countries.

U.S. and Canada.

Key Statistics

Over 675 million members.

Over 150 million resumes.

Over 10 million members.

Major Restrictions



Financial advisor, commission-only, part-time, and contract work under 12 months. Jobs that pay under $80,000 /yr.

Sends Email Alerts to Candidates

Candidate Database

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