Basic info, pricing, reviews, and answers to common questions.

Everything you need on Ladders - or The Ladders - including pricing, basic company info, reviews, and answers to common questions.

Last updated January 30th, 2018

Ladders is a job board and job posting site that offers to help job seekers locate the highest paying job in their area, focused on jobs that pay $100,000. It offers employers the opportunity to reach highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Ladders Key Information Table:

Founder Marc Cenedella
Founded July 2003
Headquarters New York, New York
CEO Marc Cenedella
Number of Employees 250+
Phone Number (866) 800-4640
Address 55 Water Street, 51st Floor, New York, NY 10041

Reviews of Ladders:

You can find a The Ladders review here, and customer reviews of the site here - these are largely from the perspective of job seekers who have tried the site.

Ladders Pricing:

Tier Number of Jobs Cost
Free 1 $0.00
Promoted-1 1 $350.00
Promoted-5 5 $1,700.00
Promoted-10 10 $3,300.00

Ladders FAQs:

Is the company called Ladders or The Ladders?

The most recent company logo has it as Ladders, previous versions were The Ladders, and the website URL is It appears that most people still refer to it as The Ladders.

Where can I sign up to post jobs on The Ladders?

The Ladders employer site is at You can create an account there and afterward you may have to wait a few hours to post jobs as you are approved. After you've created an account you'll find your The Ladders login at the same URL.

What is The Ladders contact number?

To contact The Ladders customer service you can call (866) 800-4640. You can also go here to get their live chat and email contacts.

Is there a The Ladders app for phones?

Yes, there is an app for The Ladders for employers and job seekers. You can find it in Apple's app store or on Google Play.