Wisestep Job Posting

Pricing, How to Post, Key Information, and FAQs


How to post a job on Wisestep, step-by-step, with prices, and answers to common questions.

Last updated September 24th, 2018

Wisestep is a free job posting site where businesses can recruit employees by listing job positions online. Wisestep helps you to find the right candidates by getting your job listings in front of the right candidates.

How to Post a Job on Wisestep:

  1. Sign up for a Wisestep account.
  2. Click "Post a Job."
  3. Enter the job information and click "Submit."

Wisestep Key Information Table:




Somerset, NJ

Phone Number

1 (732) 226-8155


100 Franklin Sq. Drive, Suite 209, Somerset, NJ, 08873



Wisestep Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Price


$0.00 /mo.


$39.00 /mo.


$79.00 /mo.

Wisestep FAQs:

How can I edit a Wisestep job posting?

To edit your Wisestep job postings, just log into your account and select the posting you would like to edit. You can update the information at any time.

How can I delete a Wisestep job posting?

If you need to manage your Wisestep job postings or delete a posting, log in to your account and select the posting. You can click "Delete" to remove it from the site.

How do I create a Wisestep account?

Just go to wisestep.com and click "Sign Up." You will need to provide some information in an online form before you can open an account and start posting jobs.