October 14th, 2020

JobHat is an online job posting site where employers can post open job positions by industry. These listings can be displayed anywhere across the United States.

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JobHat does not list any prices on their website. You can fill out the sign-up request form to get a pricing quote from an account representative.

How to Post a Job on JobHat:

  1. Go to and click "Employers/Post a Job."
  2. Fill out the contact form.
  3. A representative will contact you with more information.
  4. You can tell the JobHat representative what you would like to post.
  5. Your company's job posting will be added to the site and managed for you.

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Mountain Home, Arkansas

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How can I edit a JobHat job posting?

Your account manager can make changes to your JobHat job postings if you email them with your request.

Read more about JobHat.

How can I delete a JobHat job posting?

To permanently remove one of your postings, inform your account manager and they can have the posting removed from the site.

Read more about JobHat.

How do I create a JobHat account?

To create a JobHat account and manage JobHat job postings, fill out the contact form on

Read more about JobHat.

What are some JobHat alternatives?