Geebo review with pricing, posting instructions, key information, and FAQs.


October 27th, 2020

Geebo is a community classifieds site advertising goods for sale and job postings across the U.S. Geebo syndicates job postings across many job search websites, reaching both active and passive job seekers.

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Job Posting Packages:

Number of Job Postings


1 Job Posting


5 Job Postings


10 Job Postings


20 Job Postings


Monthly Bulk Posting Packages:

Number of Job Postings


50 Job Postings


100 Job Postings


300 Job Postings


500 Job Postings


1,000 Job Postings



Geebo is an extensive community classifieds store that advertises everything from apartments and homes for sale to available job postings and new/used cars. With Geebo, job postings will appear online immediately and there is no limit to the amount of space for job descriptions.

In addition, Geebo places your ad in front of eight million job seekers, advertising on U.S. sites like Talroo, Facebook, ZipRecruiter, and JobHat.


  • Jobs are immediately advertised on the site and there are no waiting periods.
  • Employers receive email pre-screened candidates.
  • Advertises to both active and inactive job seekers.
  • Unlimited space for job descriptions.
  • Geebo promises over eight million views.
  • Geebo advertises on various social media and U.S. websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Talroo, Instagram, ZipRecruiter, and JobHat.


  • Comparatively, Geebo is expensive, with prices starting at $75.00 per job posting.
  • Geebo only advertises your job posting for one month.
  • You must give a 30-day notice if you want to cancel your subscription.
  • Geebo only caters to the U.S. job market.
  • Most of Geebo's viewers are searching for products and sale items.
  • Geebo's bulk package's rates are based on a three-month subscription and include a $399.00 activation fee.


There are no customer reviews about Geebo's job posting capabilities available online.

How to Post a Job on Geebo:

  1. Go to and click "Post" in the top right corner.
  2. On the next page, click "Employment."
  3. You will be directed to an employer's information page.
  4. Select one of the payment options and click "Post Now."
  5. On the next page, enter your credit card details, personal and company details.
  6. From there you'll be able to post your job listing.


Geebo vs. Indeed
Geebo vs. Indeed:

Geebo and Indeed are both capable of placing your job ad in front of millions of active and passive job seekers. However, unlike Indeed, Geebo is not a free job posting site, with its prices only starting at $75.00 per posting. In addition, Geebo is mostly known as a classifieds store where people can sell cars, houses, or used furniture.

Geebo vs. Jora
Geebo vs. Jora:

Jora is a 100% job posting site that's capable of reaching candidates across the world. Geebo, on the other hand, is a popular classifieds site that also serves as a job posting site. With Geebo, employers can expect to pay between $75.00 and $1,295.00 to post a job, depending on the package.

Geebo vs. Ladders
Geebo vs. Ladders:

Ladders is a free job posting source that allows unlimited job ads, while Geebo is a classifieds store and job board that charges between $75.00 and $1,295.00 to post a job ad. However, with Ladders, employers can only view part of their applicants' profiles and are required to pay between $597.00 and $5,988.00 per month to view the full profile.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Geebo, Inc.


Greg Collier




1350 Beverly Rd, Ste 115-218, McLean VA 22101

Phone Number

1 (888) 439-3113



What does it cost to post a job on Geebo?

It costs between $75.00 and $2,980.00 to post a job on Geebo, depending on the package you choose.

Is Geebo legitimate?

Geebo itself is a legitimate platform, however, jobs that are posted on Geebo may not always be.

How do I find good candidates on Geebo?

To attract top candidates, make sure your job description is clear and contains all the important details. Be sure to use a good job posting template to help you with this task.

How can I edit a Geebo job posting?

Sign in to your Geebo account and click the job you would like to edit. After you have made your changes, click "Confirm."

How can I delete a Geebo job posting?

From your Geebo dashboard, choose the job you would like to delete. Click "Delete" at the bottom of the page.

How can I create a Geebo employer's account?

On the Geebo homepage, click "Post" in the top right corner followed by "Employment." Select a payment plan and click "Post Now." On the next page, fill in the online form and press "Submit."