Dice is an online job board focused on tech, information technology, and engineering professionals that boasts having 3 million registered technology professionals and 2.4 million unique visitors each month. It's one of the top sites for tech hiring.

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DHI Group, Inc.




Centennial, Colorado


Art Zeile


6465 South Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Suite 400, Centennial, CO 80111

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1 (888) 321-3423




What Dice employer solutions should I be looking into?

If you're hiring for tech, IT, or engineering jobs, you'll definitely want to consider Dice. It's their main focus. Also, if you'd rather search resumes than wait for the best candidates to find you, check out their resume search product.

Is a Dice job posting a good choice for my small business?

If you're a tech or engineering employer, Dice is definitely worth considering. Outside of tech, you may want to check out other job boards that are more focused on your niche. A good place to start, if you're not sure, is asking your best employees what job boards they and their friends check.

How To Post A Job On Dice
How to Post a Job on Dice:
  1. Click "Post a Job" on the home page.
  2. Select your preferred package and click "Post Job Now."
  3. Enter details about your job and click "Continue."
  4. Enter your email and click "Continue with Posting," or use the Dice employer login.
  5. Add company information.
  6. Add payment information.
  7. Click "Complete Purchase."

Is Dice for employers who just need to make a one-off hire?

Yes. On Dice, employers can make one-off job postings. Dice does not force users into a subscription plan. There is a Dice subscription that allows for job posting and resume searching. To get the Dice account cost for this, you'll need to contact them.

How do I get to the Dice.com employer login page?

This may get pushed down a little by the big "Are you an Employer" bar that goes across the top of the page. On the right side of the navigation bar you'll see a login button for a dice.com employer that's already registered.

Where can I find a Dice.com review?

You can find dice.com reviews from the job seeker's perspective here. You can find a review of Dice job postings here.

What is the minimum Dice pricing?

The minimum dice employer pricing is $250 per job post when you purchase 5 posts or more. To get information on Dice employer account cost for the Dice resume search product, you'll need to get in contact with the company.

What makes the Dice job board attractive for employers?

Dice is a great job board for posting jobs that will get seen by potential candidates in tech and engineering fields.

What are some alternatives to Dice?