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Hound is a free online job posting site with a job search directory to help employers connect with employees. With Hound, employers can post their open positions to multiple job sites at the same time.

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Hound.com does not charge employers for posting jobs using their service.

How to Post a Job on Hound:

  1. Click "Post a Job" on the homepage.
  2. Enter your work email address.
  3. Fill in the job information in the form.
  4. Click "Post Your Job."

Key Information:


A. Harrison Barnes




Pasadena, CA

Phone Number

1 (626) 463-5712


175 S Lake Ave #250, Pasadena, CA 91101-2629




How can I edit a Hound job posting?

Sign in to your account and navigate to your list of Hound job postings. From here, open the posting you would like to edit. Then you can change any information in the posting before saving the changes.

How can I delete a Hound job posting?

Hover over the posting in your list and click the "Delete" button to remove it.

How do I create a Hound account?

If you want a Hound account to where you can post and manage Hound job postings, go to Hound.com and click "Try it Out" to get started. All you need to start using the site is a business email address.

What are some Hound alternatives?