LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network and has also become a huge force for filling jobs. It can be used to search for great candidates, or employers can buy advertising on the site to promote their open positions.

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LinkedIn Products and Pricing:

1. LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn Recruiter cost starts at $8,999 per year. LinkedIn Recruiter is an advanced tool for searching LinkedIn profiles, organizing your findings, and getting in contact with candidates. It offers 150 InMails per user monthly, bulk InMailing, and advanced search options that include access to full profiles of all LinkedIn members.

2. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs $2,399 per year. As the name implies, it is a scaled-down version of Recruiter. Lite offers 1 user and 30 InMails per month. Full profiles can be seen for 3rd-degree connections. It has fewer search parameters available than the full version.

3. LinkedIn Pipeline Builder.

Linkedin Pipeline Builder allows companies to market to LinkedIn members that fit their criteria through sponsored updates and ads. It also allows potential candidates to express interest in working at the company with a single click or tap. Contact LinkedIn for Pipeline Builder pricing.

4. Linkedin Career Pages.

Linkedin Career page cost is negotiated on a business by business basis. A career page is a section of an employer profile geared toward hiring. It allows more options for employer branding, including video, employee perspectives, and images. Companies can personalize job recommendations and other messaging based on member industry, position, and more.

5. Linkedin Work with Us Ads.

Linkedin Work with Us Ads are display-style advertisements that LinkedIn users see in their profiles. They can be used to attract potential applicants and targeted to your employee's LinkedIn network. By using this feature, you're also able to block competitors from running ads in your employee's accounts. Contact LinkedIn for Work with Us Ads pricing.

Linkedin Job Posting Cost
LinkedIn Job Posting Cost:

The maximum LinkedIn job post cost per day is 1.3 times your daily pay-per-click budget. So, if you set your daily budget at $100, you could be charged $130 per day. With pay-per-click, once you set the budget, you only pay when users click your posting.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin
How to Post a Job on LinkedIn:
  1. Click the tile icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn page.
  2. Click "Post a Job."
  3. Add your company, job title, and location then click "Continue."
  4. Add information about the job, including type, seniority level, and description.
  5. Click "Continue," and set your daily budget.
  6. Review your order.
  7. Enter payment info.
  8. Click "Post Job."

How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn that Get Great Results:

1. Write a job post, not a job description.

Most people don't know the difference between a job description and a job posting, and in truth, it doesn't matter if you call it a LinkedIn job description or posting. What matters is the focus. Keep it focused on what makes the positions special, from an applicant's standpoint, and you'll be fine.

Here's a good example of how to post a job opening on LinkedIn the right way.

Linkedin Job Posting Example Annotated

Don't create a LinkedIn jobs posting before you have a logo up. The logo helps your page look more professional, and helps your LinkedIn job postings stand out.

3. Sell the position - explain what makes it stand out.

Don't just describe your job, sell it to your dream applicant and include information that is unique to your company and the position. It will make your ad stand out on LinkedIn. This is the most important step when learning how to post a job opening on LinkedIn that's actually successful.

4. Allow applicants to apply via LinkedIn's InApply.

By using InApply, you allow people apply without ever leaving LinkedIn. You can also send people to your website, and then let them apply using their LinkedIn account there - but InApply is a much better experience. Check out the image below.

On the left is what candidates see when they're about to apply via InApply, on the right is what they see using LinkedIn to apply from a company's website.

Using Linkedin Inapply

5. Write a great intro paragraph.

You get about 125 words to fill in this section above the "Read full job description" cut off. Use them wisely. Again, think about the things that will most interest your dream applicant.

6. Get co-workers to fill out their LinkedIn profiles so that applicants can see them.

This is one area where a good social recruiting strategy will pay off. People want to know who they'll be working with. Urge your co-workers to get good images and fill out their profiles so potential candidates have something to see here.

7. Add a great company description.

You've got 3 lines above the cut-off. Be sure to include the most interesting, attractive info about your company.

8. Make sure your own profile is filled out.

You're representing the company and the job here. Don't leave your profile blank or just partly filled in. Also, have a professional headshot uploaded.

In contrast to the first page we showed you, here's a page that's not so nice to land on after clicking a job posting:

Linkedin Job Posting Bad Example

If you saw this page, vs. the LinkedIn page above, which job would you be more interested in? Which company looks more professional?

This really, really matters, because of another LinkedIn feature I've been cropping out of the images so far. Here's what that last job posting page looks like, with the sidebar.

Linkedin Job Posting With Competitors


Is there a standard LinkedIn job posting cost?

No. Because all job advertising on LinkedIn is based on a pay-per-click model there is no standard price. You set the amount you want to bid for each click, a daily budget, and that's how much you pay.

Is posting a job on LinkedIn worth it for a small business?

It depends on what positions you're hiring for. If people who work for you tend to use LinkedIn, then there's a better chance that your ideal candidates will. You might try starting with a small budget to see what reaction you get if you're unsure about posting jobs on LinkedIn.

How To Share A Job On Linkedin
How to Share a Job on LinkedIn:
  1. Go to your LinkedIn account homepage.
  2. Click the Jobs icon at the top right.
  3. Click "Manage Job Postings."
  4. Click the title of the job you want to share.
  5. Go to the "Actions For This Job" box and click "Share."
  6. Select your preferred sharing option and share away.

Does LinkedIn post a job post jobs to more than one place for me?

Some job boards and other sites will syndicate your jobs or allow them to be aggregated on other job websites. At this time LinkedIn jobs do not get aggregated.

Can you post a job on LinkedIn for free?

No. At this time there is no posting jobs on LinkedIn for free, at least the traditional way. You can post information about a job in your timeline though. Many people also ask how much does it cost to post a job on LinkedIn. Because you pay per click and set your own budget, it can be very inexpensive to try, although the true cost should be measured by how much you have to spend to get a good candidate.

What sets LinkedIn job ads apart from posts on job boards?

One of the big differences is that people don't only go to LinkedIn to look for jobs. It's a place to connect with friends and colleagues, research businesses and potential clients, and catch up on industry news. LinkedIn job listings reach people that aren't necessarily looking for a job but may be interested in your position.

How do I post a job on LinkedIn outside the United States?

LinkedIn makes this really simple. Just type in the name of the location where you need to post during the posting process, and LinkedIn will let you know if it allows job postings there.

Any tips on how to post a job on LinkedIn company page for my business?

Make sure that when you post the job, you select the company name of the company whose page you want the post to appear on at the beginning of the process.