Virtual Vocations is a free job posting site. However, a one-time vetting fee of $39.99 is required to sign up for the service.


Founded in 2007 by brother-and-sister duo Laura Spawn and Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations is the self-proclaimed largest remote-only niche job site in the U.S. The company is 100% remote, which helps them understand the unique challenges both employers and job seekers in the remote job sector face.

Virtual Vocations offers employers a range of recruitment services for an efficient hiring process, such as targeted email advertising, account management resources, and access to application tracking statistics.


  • The site receives more than 80,000 monthly visitors.
  • Employers can post remote working opportunities for free.
  • Job ads can be posted directly through the site or through feeds that are aggregated by the recruitment team.
  • Employers have access to application tracking statistics, such as candidate views and click-through rates.
  • At the employer's request, a Virtual Vocation staff member will write a profile page for their company.
  • Employers have access to an account manager to assist with their hiring needs.
  • Jobs are categorized by industry, title, and keyword for targeted searches.
  • Featured employer's vacancies are shared on the site's Facebook page.
  • Jobs posts are featured in email alerts sent to candidates, as well as the 'Companies' page on the site where job seekers can search or browse company profiles.


  • Only full-remote job opportunities can be posted on the job board.
  • Companies are subject to a vetting fee upon registration.
  • The site does not offer employer branding services.


As a fully accredited BBB site, Virtual Vocations received a 4.93-star rating from over 50 customer reviews. Many reviewers commented that the site is user-friendly and has excellent customer service.

How to Post a Job on Virtual Vocations:

$0.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Virtual Vocations:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Virtual Vocations.


Posting a Job on Virtual Vocations.

Navigate to Virtual Vocations' home page.

From the home page, find and click "Post a Job."


Start the registration process.

Start the registration process.

Fill out the registration form on the left-hand side of the page. Then, click "Get Started Now."


Pay the vetting fee to register.

Pay the vetting fee to register.

You'll be asked to pay the one-time vetting fee. Add your billing information, and click "Make Payment."

Once your payment is processed, you'll be able to create and post your job ad.

Virtual Vocations vs. FlexJobs:

Like Virtual Vocations, FlexJobs allows employers to post remote working opportunities in various sectors. While FlexJobs is a global job board, Virtual Vocations is U.S.-centric. Only Virtual Vocations offers free job postings, but FlexJobs features employer branding services that Virtual Vocations lacks.

Virtual Vocations vs. The Muse:

While Virtual Vocations only posts remote positions, The Muse allows employers to place both remote and in-office job ads. Both platforms subject employers to a vetting process and offer company profile creation services. The Muse, however, lacks hiring services such as social media promotion and email advertising that Virtual Vocations provides.

Virtual Vocations vs. WeWorkRemotely:

Virtual Vocations and WeWorkRemotely are both remote job boards with a large pool of candidates in the U.S. While Virtual Vocations allows employers to post jobs for free with no extra fee for featured listing options, WeWorkRemotely charges $299.00 per month for unlimited job postings with no add-ons.

Key Information

Legal Name

Virtual Vocations


Laura Spawn

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


2852 Willamette St., #272, Eugene, OR 97405-8200



1 (800) 379-5092



What is Virtual Vocations?

Virtual Vocations is a job posting site and job aggregator that specializes in connecting employers with job seekers in search of remote job opportunities in various sectors, including finance, law, media, education, management, and information technology.

What does it cost to post a job on Virtual Vocations?

Employers can post jobs on Virtual Vocations for free. However, a one-time vetting fee of US$39.00 is applicable upon registration.

How do I create a Virtual Vocations account?

  1. Navigate to Virtual Vocation's home page and click "Post a Job."
  2. Fill out the online form and click "Get Started Now."
  3. Add your billing information to pay the vetting fee, and select "Make Payment."
  4. Once your payment is processed, you'll be registered as an employer.

Does Virtual Vocations offer a free trial?

Although employers can post jobs for free on Virtual Vocations, they are subjected to a one-time vetting fee to ensure the authenticity of their job posts.

What are some alternatives to Virtual Vocations?

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