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Why We Choose FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and Working Nomads:

Our top three remote job boards are well-established with high traffic. Their focus on remote jobs and wide reach attract both remote job seekers and employers. Typically, remote workers from the U.S. and around the world do not limit their job searches to general, local job sites and they are highly likely to visit these popular niche sites.

FlexJobs is out top choice. It is one of the largest and most trafficked remote job boards in the U.S. with categories for fully remote jobs, hybrid remote work, and in-person jobs with a bit of remote work. The site is easy to use with a dedicated resume database and has high user ratings from both job seekers and employers.

We Work Remotely is our second choice and has over a decade of experience in the field. The site is easy to navigate and allows job seekers to list remote jobs by category, geographical location, and type. For employers, posting a job on We Work Remotely is affordable and easy, making it a great choice for quick hiring.

Working Nomads has categorized remote job listings. When you create a listing, you can add tags so that it appears in custom searches on the site. Remote job seekers subscribe to email updates from Working Nomads, so they are notified of new job postings regularly.

Best Remote Job Boards in 2024:


Job Board



From $399.00 /mo.

2.We Work Remotely

From $299.00 /post.

3.Working Nomads

From $199.00 /mo.


Free and paid options.


From $299.00 /post.


Free and paid options.


From $199.00 /post.


From $189.00 /post.


From $299.00 /post.


From $299.00 /mo.

11.Remote OK

Paid options.


From $249.00 /post.


Free and paid options.


From $99.00 /post.

15.Hubstaff Talent



Free and paid options.


From $199.00 /mo.

*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.

FlexJobs vs. We Work Remotely vs. Working Nomads:

The top remote job boards all offer access to a large but niche audience of remote job seekers. However, FlexJobs has the largest audience by far with more than 5 million hits per month on their website. FlexJobs is also one of the few sites where job seekers can search for fully remote or hybrid remote jobs in the U.S. and abroad.

WWR is the only remote job board in our top three to offer an add-on applicant filter option. With this option, WWR will manually screen applicants and discard any applicants who are not qualified for your advertised role. If you anticipate a high volume of applications, this could save you a lot of time sorting through resumes on your own.

For a more affordable option, Working Nomads offers discounts for job posting bundles. This is notable because WWR only offers discounts for bulk purchases of 10 or more job posts. Working Nomads does not have as large an audience as FlexJobs or WWR, but all of their job postings are shared with their email subscribers.

Comparison Between FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and Working Nomads:



We Work Remotely

Working Nomads

Single posting

$399.00 /mo.



Multiple postings

Unlimited postings per month.

Bundle discounts start at 10% for 10 job posts.

$189.00 /post (3 postings), $179.00 /post (5 postings).

Featured ad

✔ (add-on available)


ATS Integration



Notification to email subscribers

✔ (add-on available)

✔ ("Best" package only)

Shared on social media

✔ (add-on available)

Remote and hybrid jobs

Candidate database



Jobs organized by category

Regional restriction option

Applicant filter

$199.00 (add-on)


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