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The Best Websites to Find Freelance Work:





Toptal is a global freelance website for software developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers. All freelancers listed on Toptal must undergo a rigorous verification process.


A globally recognized remote working site where freelancers can connect with employers in over 180 countries. With Upwork, you can search for remote jobs or let clients come to you.


As the name suggests, 99designs is a freelance website for graphic designers and artists. Designers can connect directly with clients, or submit designs during "Contests," where clients pay for the best design.


PeoplePerHour has a global community of almost three million freelancers from a range of industries. Freelancers submit applications and, once approved, are matched with projects that suit their skills.


Fiverr is one of the most recognized international freelance websites. With Fiverr, freelancers set up their gig, choose from 200 service categories, and deliver work. You keep 80% of every transaction.


Freelancer is another great site where freelancers can connect directly with clients or bid on projects. The site allows clients to post projects or search for freelancers by skill or location.


Behance was designed for artists and creative professionals in search of remote work. With Behance, artists and designers can showcase their talent through portfolios, videos, or via live stream.

8.LinkedIn Services Marketplace

This is LinkedIn's platform for finding freelancers. Employers post what they need, and freelancers reply with a message, quote, and access to their profile. A concierge team is available for support.


CloudPeeps is a type of freelancer job board where clients post jobs ads and freelancers (Peeps) respond with hand-crafted proposals. While smaller than many of their competitors, CloudPeeps is used in over 150 countries.


Communo is a pay-to-play freelance marketplace for creatives as well as marketing and technology professionals. With Communo, freelancers can create a bespoke portfolio and set their own rates before connecting with clients.


Is freelancing illegal?

No, as long as you register and pay taxes on your income. Some states require freelancers to register as a sole proprietorship or LLC before they can earn an income as a freelancer.

Can I freelance without a business?

Yes, you do not have to register as an LLC in order to be a freelancer. Sole proprietorships allow freelancers to run a business and pay taxes. There is still the option of registering as an LLC if you want to expand your business.

How do I get paid as a freelancer?

If you are registered with a freelancing platform, you will be paid via the platform. In most cases, you will have to register your banking details with the platform and payments will be made directly into your account. For private jobs, payment terms are negotiated at the start of the job and can be made by direct transfer in your local currency, via web wallet, or cryptocurrency.

What do freelancers need?

  • A work identity.
  • A workplace or home office.
  • A website or social media profile.
  • A smartphone and contact number.
  • A portfolio of completed work.
  • A computer and appropriate software.
  • Knowledge of tax laws, or access to a tax consultant.
  • A bank account, web-wallet account, or cryptocurrency account.

Should freelancers work for free?

This depends on your experience. If you have no experience and would like to showcase your talent, providing a sample of your work may be necessary. As a freelancer, you should be paid for completed projects.

What are the best freelance job boards?

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