Best Freelance Job Sites:

01. YunoJuno

YunoJuno is a London-based freelance platform for designers, developers, creatives, and freelance workers. The platform allows freelancers to create detailed profiles and accept or apply for project briefs. Payment is guaranteed in 14 days.

02. If You Could Jobs

A job board for creatives in the U.K., If You Could Jobs is a great platform for freelance designers to find and apply for jobs across the country.

03. Freelancer

Freelancer is another great site where freelancers can connect directly with clients or bid on projects. The site allows clients to post projects or search for freelancers by skill or location.

04. Upwork

A globally recognized remote working site where freelancers can connect with employers in over 180 countries. With Upwork, you can search for remote jobs or let clients come to you.

05. 99designs

As the name suggests, 99designs is a freelance website for graphic designers and artists. Designers can connect directly with clients, or submit designs during "Contests," where clients pay for the best design.

06. Behance

Behance was designed for artists and creative professionals in search of remote work. With Behance, artists and designers can showcase their talent through portfolios, videos, or via live stream.

07. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is an international design marketplace with almost 1 million freelance designers. Clients submit a project and freelancers get to submit ideas or designs.

08. Snaphunt

Snaphunt features an extensive selection of remote, hybrid, and on-site job opportunities. The platform offers applicant monitoring tools and a CV database.

09. Freelancer Club Job Board

The Freelancer Club job board is a niche job posting site that offers a swift and seamless job posting process, a candidate database, and free access to all resources.


What are the best U.K. freelance websites for beginners?

Is it worth being a freelancer?

Freelancing is a great way to make extra money and do work you are passionate about. Work can be erratic though, so relying on a steady income as a freelancer is risky. The more experience you have and the longer you have been listed with a freelance platform, the more work you will receive.

Is freelancing safe?

Joining a freelance work website is the safest way to ensure you are paid for your work. Taking private jobs as a freelancer means you are responsible for vetting the client and following up on payments.

How do I get paid as a freelancer?

If you are registered with a website for freelance work, you will be paid via the platform. In most cases, you will have to register your banking details with the platform and payments will be made directly into your account. For private jobs, payment terms are negotiated at the start of the job and can be made by direct transfer in your local currency, via web wallet, or cryptocurrency.

What do freelancers need?

  • A work identity.
  • A workplace or home office.
  • A website or social media profile.
  • A smartphone and contact number.
  • A portfolio of completed work.
  • A computer and appropriate software.
  • Knowledge of tax laws, or access to a tax consultant.
  • A bank account, web-wallet account, or cryptocurrency account.

Should freelancers work for free?

This depends on your experience. If you have no experience and would like to showcase your talent, providing a sample of your work may be necessary. As a freelancer, you should be paid for completed projects.

What are the top freelance sites?

YunoJuno, Upwork, and 99designs are some great examples of freelance job sites.

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