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Why We Choose WeWorkRemotely, Working Nomads, & Jobspresso:

WeWorkRemotely is widely recognized as the go-to option for remote work. The site is easy for job-seekers to navigate as it allows them to view the latest opportunities by category. Since WeWorkRemotely only lists remote work options, users don't have to filter through hundreds of listings to find what they are looking for.

For employers, WeWorkRemotely is easy to use and has transparent pricing with add-on options for those who want to promote their listings.

Working Nomads has categorized remote job listings. When you create a listing, you can add tags so that it appears in custom searches on the site. Remote job seekers subscribe to email updates from Working Nomads, so they are made aware of new job postings on a regular basis.

Jobspresso lets employers list jobs by country, by continent, or worldwide. Any employer who purchases a job posting package also has instant access to a database of over 5,000 remote candidates and Jopspresso shares new postings through their social media accounts.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Remote Job Boards:

  1. Some job boards advertise a mix of remote and location-based jobs. Posting on a site that is geared towards remote work may help you to attract more relevant candidates.
  2. Major job boards like Indeed are good for exposure, but they do not have remote work filters for job seekers, so your opportunity may be difficult for remote job seekers to find.
  3. Options to promote your posting or add a company logo may cost extra, so look at more than just the base price.

Best Remote Job Boards in 2021:





$299.00 /mo. /job post.

2.Working Nomads

$149.00 /job post.


$249.00 /job post (90 days).


$299.00 /job post.


$299.00 /mo. (unlimited posts).




$179.00 /job post (60 days).


$299.00 /job post (30 days).


From £150.00 /post.





WeWorkRemotely vs. Working Nomads vs. Jobspresso:

The top remote job boards all offer access to a large but niche audience of remote job seekers. However, WeWorkRemotely has the largest audience by far with approximately 230,000 hits per month on their website.

WWR is also the only remote job board of the top three to offer an add-on applicant filter option. With this option, WWR will manually screen applicants for you and discard any applicants that are not qualified for your advertised role. If you anticipate a high volume of applications, this could save you a lot of time sorting through resumes on your own.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, Working Nomads offers discounts for purchasing your job postings in bundles of three and five. This is notable, particularly because WWR charges the same price per posting regardless of how many postings you purchase at a time. Working Nomads does not have as large of an audience as WeWorkRemotely, but all of their job postings are shared with their email subscribers, even if you purchase the cheapest option.

Finally, Jobspresso is the only job board of the three to offer customers access to a candidate database. Once you've purchased your job posting package, you can view over 5,000 candidates and possibly find individuals who are a match for your remote job. Jobspresso only offers a slight discount for buying multiple postings and is far more expensive than Working Nomads, but the larger packages also give you access to all of their premium options.

WWR vs Working Nomads vs Jobspresso Comparison:



Working Nomads


Single Posting

$299.00 /mo.

$149.00 job posting

$249.00 (90 days)

Multiple Postings

$299.00 /mo. /job posting

$129.00 /job (3 postings), $109.00 /job (5 postings)

$759.00 /3 job postings (90 days), $1,189.00 /5 job postings (90 days)

Notification to email subscribers

✔ ("Best" package only)

Audience size




Shared on social media

Exclusively remote jobs

Candidate database



Jobs organized by category

Regional restriction option

Featured ad

$139.00 (add-on)


$299.00 /job posting (90 days)

Applicant filter

$199.00 (add-on)




What is a fully remote job?

A fully remote job is a job that can be done entirely off-site, meaning that the employee never has to be at the business' physical location in order to complete his or her work. In most cases, fully remote workers work from home or in a co-working space and rely on the Internet to collaborate with their colleagues.

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