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The Freelancer Club primarily serves as an online community that provides a variety of recruitment resources, such as discussion boards, guides, and a job board. That said, the job board lacks multiple advanced hiring features commonly offered by more conventional job boards, including job ad distribution and social media sharing.

Nevertheless, the Freelancer Club job board excels in delivering a quick and seamless job posting process. For employers, the platform offers the freedom to post vacancies, browse candidates' profiles, and access its useful employer resources.


  • The Freelancer Club job board allows employers to post job openings for free.
  • Employers can access a dashboard to review potential candidates' profiles and shortlist those meeting job specifications.
  • The platform's focus on freelance positions makes it ideal for employers promoting short-term opportunities.
  • A company directory is available to help freelancers familiarize themselves with the different businesses.
  • The Freelancer Club provides resources, such as automated legal documents, to assist with recruitment processes.
  • Employers can browse the freelancers' directory to learn about available skills.
  • The platform offers a dedicated specialist plan and an advanced recruitment plan to unlock the entire talent database.


  • Unlike the job board, The Freelancer Club's specialist recruitment plans are not free.
  • The job board is missing a range of advanced hiring tools.
  • Job seekers are required to pay a fee to access the job board, which may impact the number of applicants.


On Trustpilot, the Freelancer Club received six reviews, which garnered a positive rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. However, all of the reviews are from the job seeker's perspective.



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Freelancer Club Job Board vs. YunoJuno:

The Freelancer Club job board and YunoJuno both promote freelance job openings, but the latter distinguishes itself by adopting a fee-based system, making it the costlier option. In contrast, the Freelancer Club job board offers a free plan. That said, the two platforms offer applicant management tools and resources for employers and job seekers.

Freelancer Club Job Board vs. If You Could Jobs:

Of the two competitors, If You Could Jobs offers a targeted job search with a focus on creative projects. However, this comes at a price of £160.00 per post. With the Freelancer Club job board, it's free to post a job opening. Despite its costs, If You Could Jobs sets itself apart by providing features like social media sharing and bulk discounts.

Freelancer Club Job Board vs. Snaphunt:

The Freelancer Club job board and Snaphunt both offer free job posting plans, but the latter provides advanced features, including a CV database. To access these features with The Freelancer Club job board, employers must purchase recruitment service plans. That said, Snaphunt's paid plans are significantly more costly at US$149.00 per month.

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How much does it cost to post a job ad on the Freelancer Club's job board?

It's free to post a job ad on the Freelancer Club's job board. Paid recruitment plans are also available.

What are some alternatives to the Freelancer Club job board?

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