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Snaphunt offers a feature-rich hiring profile to help employers easily connect with local and global job seekers in various industries, such as IT, sales, and marketing. The job board's standout tools include branded employer profiles, candidate messaging, interview scheduling, and AI-powered reference checking.

Snaphunt's free plan includes unlimited job posting credits per month, making it ideal for employers on a tight budget in search of advanced hiring tools. As a general job board, Snaphunt is a logical choice for U.K. employers but does not offer a dedicated U.K. site.


  • Employers have access to more than 650 million local and international job seekers.
  • The free plan includes unlimited postings, unlimited video interviews, and limited applicant views.
  • Users can add their company profile to the job board to aid brand awareness.
  • Each package allows users to post an unlimited number of job postings.
  • The candidate management service includes instant messaging, interview scheduling, and AI-powered reference checking.
  • Job listings are distributed to a wide network of affiliated job boards and social media pages for maximum visibility.
  • The platform offers a discounted hiring package for startups.
  • Other services include candidate matching, personalized emails, team collaboration tools, and feedback management.


  • The job board's paid plans are costlier than those of some rival platforms.
  • All prices are in U.S. dollars.
  • There is no dedicated U.K. site.
  • Snaphunt does not offer featured listing options.


On GetApp, Snaphunt has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from more than 30 reviews, all of which are extremely positive. Customers enjoyed Snaphunt's ease of use and comprehensive platform, while a few negative reviews listed an occasional lag time in page loading.



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*Users interested in purchasing the platform's startup plan should fill out its online contact form for more information.

Snaphunt vs. Reed.co.uk:

Unlike Snaphunt's global job search site, Reed.co.uk is a job board dedicated to the U.K. job market. However, Snaphunt offers a free posting option, which Reed.co.uk lacks, but Reed.co.uk offers pricing in pounds rather than U.S. dollars like Snaphunt. Reed.co.uk's postings are also live for 6 weeks, whereas users will pay per month with Snaphunt.

Snaphunt vs. LinkedIn:

Both Snaphunt and LinkedIn cater to the global job market, but LinkedIn features a dedicated U.K. site, which Snaphunt lacks. Both sites offer a free posting option, resume searches, and applicant tracking. LinkedIn users can also tailor their target market by location, industry, and job function.

Snaphunt vs. Indeed:

Snaphunt and Indeed both advertise local and international vacancies, but the latter has a wider reach, attracting more than 650 million candidates. Both sites offer a free job posting plan, but Snaphunt's paid packages start at US$412.00 per month, while Indeed's promoted postings feature a pay-per-application model.

Key Information

Legal Name

Snaphunt Pte. Ltd.


Tulika Tripathi

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2017


Singapore SG






Is Snaphunt free?

Yes, Snaphunt offers a free option, and its paid plans start at $412.00 per month.

Does Snaphunt offer resume searches?

Yes, Snaphunt features resume database access.

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