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How to Write a Job Advert:

A step-by-step guide to creating a job advert that gets noticed on job boards or the always busy free job posting sites.


Introduce your company and your open position.


Use a killer job title.

Use a killer job title.

This is arguably the most important part when you’re posting to job boards and attempting to attract the best candidates. Be specific when writing your job title and use recognizable keywords.

Also, consider adding 2-3 benefits of the role next to the title. This is a great way to attract high-quality candidates and boost applications.


Include the salary and your location.

Include the salary and your location.

Just below the title, you should list the proposed salary (or salary bracket) and your location. While this isn't mandatory in job adverts, it can help your advert to appear higher in search results and attract the right candidates.


Add an emotive introduction.

Add an emotive introduction.

This is a single paragraph that outlines your business and the role you're advertising. You should include action keywords that tell candidates why they should be interested in working for your company. You can include the job title, industry, and relevant skills or experience to let candidates know a little more about your business.


Write your job description.


Set out some objectives for the role.

Set out some objectives for the role.

Laying out the goals and objectives for the role is a good way to help candidates understand the contribution they would make to the company. This can be done in a few short sentences.


List the key responsibilities.

List the key responsibilities.

It is important in any job advert to list a few of the key responsibilities of the role and outline what will be expected of the successful candidate. Use bullet points here to make it easier for candidates to read and be honest in what the day-to-day tasks look like.


Outline the requirements.

Outline the requirements.

Generally, the requirements for a role depend on the level of the role. You will need to state what qualifications the candidate will need or which would be advantageous to the role, any necessary background experience, and any personality traits or soft skills that you think would help the candidate perform better in the role.


Sell your company culture.

Sell your company culture.

Use this opportunity to really sell any perks or benefits that your company offers. This helps candidates to feel valued in the workplace and will help your job advert to stand out from the competition.


Spell out the application process.

Spell out the application process.

Detail everything from when they first apply to when they get hired. This way, candidates won't be left in the dark about what happens next. This is especially important if you have a role that is a one-interview hire. Candidates that are immediately available will jump on roles like this as they can secure a job in days rather than weeks.


Edit your job posting and check your contact information.


Have other people read it.

Have other people read it.

Treat this job post writing exercise just as you would any other important piece of company marketing. Get multiple people to read it and provide you with honest feedback. Make sure you have fixed any errors before you post the job to hundreds of job boards.


Improve your email responses.

Improve your email responses.

Look at all the emails that you send to candidates at each step of the hiring process. Pick them apart and ensure they are clear, personal, and continue to sell the candidate on the role at every step. A poor first response to a candidate's application will undo all the good work you did in the job post by getting them to apply.

Job Descriptions Are Not Job Posts:

A job description should be a detailed — if somewhat dry — description of the responsibilities and expectations for a job that a company uses internally. A job posting is meant to sell applicants on your company, team, location, and all the things that make working for you great. That’s what you should be posting to job boards.

Job Posting or Job Description
Job advert examples.

Download our Job Advert Examples:

Download all 3 of our job advert examples, with a generic "help wanted" ad template.

1. Lorry Driver posting example.

2. Business analyst employment posting example.

3. Registered nurse job advertisement example.

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Top 3 Job Post Writing Tips:

A little extra work on your job listing won't cost much but will have big results. The key is knowing exactly what will most interest candidates in your job.

1. Use Glassdoor as a research tool.

Go to Glassdoor's home page, type in the job you're hiring for, clear the location field, and search. Click on a company in the left column, then click on their reviews — you'll see them in the tab above the company description.

Scroll through the reviews and read the "Cons" section. Look through a couple of companies until you have a list of cons that come up repeatedly. Use these in your ad. For instance, if many people complain about being micromanaged, include "Tired of being micromanaged?"

2. Discuss the role with three different people.

To better understand the job posting you are writing, you should discuss it not only with the hiring manager, but also with someone who has had the job and someone who wants to hold the position. This way, you will gain a better understanding of what the role requires and what makes it appealing to candidates.

Don't make this discussion part of the recruiting process. Rather, use sites like LinkedIn to find people who hold the job title and tell them you are recruiting for the role but are contacting them because you want to understand the role better.

3. Ask your employees what they love about the job.

No one knows what it's like to work at your company better than your employees. Ask them what they like about the company location, what is different about working for your company, what they love most, and if there is anything specific they would enjoy telling potential hires about the company.

15 Free Job Posting Sites — High Traffic and 100% Free

A comprehensive list of the top free job boards in the U.K.


How do I write a job advert template?

  1. Create a new document in MS word or Google Docs.
  2. Use brackets to indicate where information is to be added.
  3. Include sections for the title, position, and company.
  4. Create brackets for basic information such as salary and benefits in the "position" section.
  5. Include a section for essential duties and responsibilities.
  6. Save as a template and share.

How can I make my job stand out?

Focus on the details of the job that would be most attractive to potential candidates. If you've got great pay, solid benefits, interesting projects or clients, an amazing location, etc., be sure to put that in your hiring ads. Awesome job ads use real details about the job to get candidates excited.

Also, don't get caught up in the idea of writing creative job postings. Real details about what makes your job exciting trump cleverness any day.

What is the difference between a job profile and a job description?

A job profile is the outline or overview of a position, while a job description is a written statement of the job purpose, duties, and responsibilities.

How do I write a compelling job description?

Focus on the positive aspects of the job and the benefits of working for your company. If you need inspiration, check out our job description template.

How can I write the best job advert?

When most people think of the best employment ads, they think of clever hiring ads that are often humorous. These might be good at getting the attention of more people, but serious candidates will respond best to real details that tell them how their day-to-day life will be on the job. Focus on these rather than trying to be clever.

How do you create job postings?

  1. Go to a job posting site such as Indeed or LinkedIn.
  2. Find their job postings page (it will typically say "Post a Job").
  3. Enter the details about your company and job.
  4. Choose a budget.
  5. Confirm the job posting.
  6. Monitor the results and try different sites as needed.

How do I write a job vacancy advertisement for a job I don't know well?

Start by talking to colleagues who are familiar with the job or, if that's not possible, searching for forums where people that hold the job go to talk about it and read what they're saying.

To write effective job ads you'll want to find out what will attract top candidates to your position. For example, if a lot of them complain about insufficient PTO and yours is unusually generous, make sure to include that when writing your job ads.

What advice do you have on how to write a recruitment ad that performs well on Indeed?

See Betterteam's review of Indeed with advice on how to write a good job advertisement. At its core, it doesn't vary much from how to write a job advert for any other platform. Focus on the real details of the job, make sure your job description wording is clear and free of typos, and ensure that the job description format is appealing.

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