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$1,000.00 /mo.

Business - Large (10 Seats)

$1,500.00 /mo.

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*All Business plans include unlimited job posts. Employers in need of more than 10 seats should contact Communo via email for more details.


Communo is a talent optimization platform made up of more than 60,000 creatives who specialize in different fields of work, such as marketing, design, and technology. Employers predominantly use Communo to hire qualified freelancers and enjoy the benefits of the platform's verification system and members-only policy.

While Communo is a trusted site used by a variety of well-established companies, the platform is costly compared to other freelance marketplaces, such as Freelancer and PeoplePerHour.


  • Reputable companies, such as NASA, Unilever, and Beats by Dre, have used Communo to hire talent.
  • The platform offers both subscription plans and single job posting options.
  • Communo has over 60,000 members with different levels of expertise and experience.
  • The platform advertises freelance and remote projects from across the world.
  • There is no placement fee for employers hiring freelancers.
  • Communo allows interested users to explore its website for free using a guest account.
  • All talent is vetted by the site, assuring employers of quality hires.
  • The site hosts webinars and informational events that help companies improve their hiring strategies.


  • Communo only advertises vacancies to its members, which excludes a large part of the job market.
  • There are no free project posting options available.
  • Candidates are matched to projects using a scoring system, which may deter employers looking for a hands-on hiring approach.


Communo is not BBB accredited and there are a limited number of online reviews of Communo. However, we did find one review on Reddit that noted the site's reputation for syndicated jobs, very few new job posting options, and charges for upgraded features.

Communo's app received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Apple Store.

How to Post a Project on Communo:

$200.00 USD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Project on Communo:

Five easy steps for posting a project on Communo.


Posting a Project on Communo.


Go to Communo's home page.

Go to Communo's home page.

Navigate to the Communo home page and click on "For Freelancers" toward the top-left corner of the page.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Select "I want to hire" and add your email address and password to the online form. Then, click on "Continue."

Add some of your employer details, clicking on "Continue" each time to proceed to the next step.


Start the project posting process.

Start the project posting process.

From your dashboard, click on "Create New Post" toward the top left-hand side of the screen. Add your project's details to the online form and click on "Preview."

Review your posting to ensure the information is correct. Then, click on "Get Applicants."

To make changes to your project, click on "Edit."


Upgrade your plan.

Upgrade your plan.

To post your project to the site, you'll be required to pay a fee. The upgrade details should pop up. Choose the package that suits your hiring requirements and click on "Subscribe" or "Pay-per-Post."


Finalize your order.

Finalize your order.

Add your payment information to the online form and click on "Purchase" to pay for your package.

Once your payment has been processed, your project will go live on the site.

Communo vs. Freelancer:

Besides its members-only policy, Communo also stands out as a costly option, charging $400.00 for a single listing. In comparison, Freelancer's prices are project-dependent, and the site does not charge a membership fee. However, unlike Freelancer, Communo also lets employers advertise full-time opportunities.

Communo vs. Upwork:

Both Upwork and Communo cater to the global freelance job market. While Upwork predominantly serves as a graphic design job board, Communo primarily focuses on sales and marketing jobs. Unlike Upwork, Communo does not offer a free plan. Instead, members can expect to pay between $200.00 and $900.00, depending on the package chosen.

Communo vs. PeoplePerHour:

Both Communo and PeoplePerHour are hiring platforms that offer subscription-based plans. Communo stands out as the more costly option, charging $400.00 for a single listing. With PeoplePerHour, posting prices are low, but employers are charged a service fee. For short-term projects, PeoplePerHour may be the better option.

Key Information

Legal Name

Communo Corp


Ryan Gill

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2017


1025 10 St. SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 3E1 Canada








How do I create a Communo account?

  1. Visit Communo.com and click on "Hire Talent" toward the top-right corner.
  2. Click on "I want to hire."
  3. Complete the online form and click on "Continue."

How much does it cost to post a project on Communo?

Communo only allows its members to post work on the platform. A single listing costs $400.00, while subscription packages start from $200.00.

What kind of projects can I post on Communo?

Communo is a community of experts specializing in the fields of marketing, design, and technology.

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