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Communo is a talent optimization platform made up of over 60,000+ creatives that specialize in fields such as marketing and technology. Employers predominantly use Communo to hire qualified freelancers thanks to the platform's verification system and members-only policy.


  • Reputable companies that use Communo for recruitment include Vek Labs, True North, Modern Tribe, and more.
  • Communo has over 60,000+ members that range in expertise and experience.
  • Members have access to insights and educational events.
  • There is no placement fee if you're hiring freelancers and all talent is pre-vetted.
  • Communo is a good option if you're looking for an alternative approach to hiring freelancers.
  • The platform advertises freelance and remote projects that stem from countries across the world, widening the candidate pool.
  • Communo allows interested users to explore its website for free using a Guest account.
  • The site also hosts webinars and informational events that help companies improve their hiring strategies.
  • All membership packages include access to social media links, unlimited chats and project postings, and the ability to advertise in all work categories.


  • Communo only advertises vacancies to its members, excluding a large part of the job market.
  • Unlike competitors, such as Freelancer and Yeeply, Communo charges a monthly membership fee.
  • There are no free project posting options available.
  • Communo is not a high-traffic site.
  • You must pay for a membership to post projects and to benefit from Communo's features.
  • Candidates are matched to projects using a scoring system, which may not work for employers who are looking for a more hands-on approach to hiring.


Communo is not BBB accredited and there are a limited number of user reviews of Communo available online. However, we did find one review on Reddit that highlighted the site's reputation for syndicated jobs, very few new job posting options, and charges for upgraded features.

That said, Communo does have a growing social media presence. The platform has a combined following of nearly 7,000 users and is available on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

How to Post a Project on Communo:

$200.00 USD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Project on Communo:

Seven easy steps for posting a project on Communo.


Posting a project on Communo.


Go to Communo.com.

Go to Communo.com.

Navigate to the Communo home page and read through the different benefits for freelancers, businesses, and agencies.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Scroll down the home page until you see the "For Businesses" heading in small, blue letters. To complete your membership registration, click on the "+Business Set-up" tab below the list of benefits. This should immediately direct you to a business registration form.

Employers also have the option of signing up with their LinkedIn account.

After submitting your employer details, wait for Communo to complete its due diligence and verify your business and application.


Begin your onboarding.

Begin your onboarding.

Before posting your project, you will need to go through an onboarding process. This process will include creating a company profile.

During this step, you have the option of skipping certain information, such as adding a company logo. Communo does require your company information, title, a description of yourself, the location of your company, and the number of projects you'll be posting.

When setting up your account, you'll be able to use the Agency - Guest account. With this account, you can only view the dashboard.


Post your work opportunity.

Post your work opportunity.

Once you're verified and logged into the dashboard, also known as "The Bench," click on "Work" in the main menu. On the next page, click on "+Post Work" in the left-hand side of the page until a pink pop-up appears.


Upgrade your plan.

Upgrade your plan.

Now that you've chosen to post work, you'll be required to pay a membership. The upgrade details should pop up, along with prompts that detail what each package includes. Choose the package that suits your hiring requirements.

You'll be able to complete your project posting once payment is done.


Complete your work description.

Complete your work description.

You'll be directed to a page where you can fill in the details of your work opportunity. Here, you'll need to list the project's budget and sharing requirements, and choose a cover image for the project.


Preview and publish the ad.

Preview and publish the ad.

Once you're done adding the project's details, click on "Preview." Read through your description to identify any errors. If you do find discrepancies, simply click on "Edit" and correct them. When you're satisfied with your information, click on "Post Work."

Communo vs. Freelancer:

Besides its stringent sign up process and members-only policy, Communo also stands out as the most costly option, with prices starting at $200.00 per month. In comparison, Freelancer's prices are project dependent and the site does not charge a membership fee. However, unlike Freelancer, Communo also lets employers post full-time opportunities.

Communo vs. Upwork:

Both Upwork and Communo cater to the freelance job market. However, while Upwork predominantly serves as a graphic design job board, Communo mainly focuses on sales and marketing opportunities. Unlike Upwork, Communo does not offer a free plan. Instead, members can expect to pay between $200.00 and $1,500.00 per month.

Communo vs. PeoplePerHour:

Both Communo and PeoplePerHour are hiring platforms that have a subscription-based system. Communo stands out as the more costly option, with prices starting at $200.00 per month. With PeoplePerHour, employers are charged a service fee. However, if you're looking to hire freelancers for short-term projects, PeoplePerHour is the best option.

Key Information

Legal Name

Communo Corp


Ryan Gill

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2017


1025 10 St. SE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 3E1

Number of Employees





1 (833) 266-6866




How do I create a Communo account?

  1. Visit Communo.com and click on "+ Sign Up For Free" in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on "Lets Get Started."
  3. Click on the type of account you'd like to open. You can choose between Freelancer, Agency, or Business.
  4. Complete the sign up form and click on "Continue."

How much does it cost to post a project on Communo?

Communo only allows its members to post work on the platform. Membership packages range between $200.00 and $1,500.00 per month.

What kind of projects can I post on Communo?

Communo is a community of experts specializing in the fields of marketing and technology.

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