Employers pay a pre-determined amount when they accept an offer from an Airtasker. The money is then held in escrow until the task is completed. Task posters can set a budget that suits their needs. Airtasker charges a service fee of between 10% and 20% per task for all completed work performed through their website.


Airtasker is an online platform where ordinary people can advertise "tasks" to skilled freelancers. There is no cost to post a task and U.S. employers get up to five quotes from Airtaskers based on a proposed hourly or fixed rate. Employers can post any tasks they need completed and await feedback from freelancers interested in performing the task.

Task posts range from repairs to coding and cleaning. Airtasker lets users post as many tasks as they want and advertises them to two million global users. The company offers online customer support to employers, who can also post tasks from their mobile phones.


  • Users can post tasks for free.
  • Clients can get up to five quotes from people who want to complete their tasks.
  • The site offers a rating system for task posters and taskers based on the quality of their past transactions.
  • Payment is only made after the task has been completed.
  • The platform is available on mobile phones and desktops.
  • The signup and task posting processes are easy to follow.
  • All work done through Airtasker is insured by CGU Insurance.
  • Airtasker supports cashless payment for tasks.
  • Employers can chat directly with Airtaskers via the platform's app.
  • Online customer support is available.


  • A percentage-based service fee is charged on all tasks.
  • The platform does not offer phone support.
  • A quality performance from taskers cannot be ensured and can vary from Airtasker to Airtasker.
  • Airtasker's deduction on earnings is slightly higher than Freelancer, while it is similar to that of Fiverr.
  • Work done by users of the site cannot be guaranteed as taskers are not vetted for their ability to perform specific tasks.


Airtasker received a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, based on more than 4,000 reviews. Many users praised its effective services, but one or two reviewers noted its steep pricing and difficulty navigating the website.

Airtasker vs. Fiverr:

Fiverr and Airtasker both feature skilled freelancers on their websites, but employers on Fiverr need to proactively find the right one for their projects. In comparison, Airtasker acts as a job board and lets people post tasks to their site, connecting them to potential Airtaskers who bid for the tasks offered.

Airtasker vs. Behance:

Behance is a freelance portfolio and job site with an international reach. While Airtasker is a general freelancing task platform, Behance caters solely to the creative industry. Behance offers free postings, whereas Airtasker charges a percentage-based service fee for every completed task.

Airtasker vs. Freelancer:

Freelancer is a marketplace for businesses and individuals to hire workers on a contractual basis. The projects on Freelancer are more formal than the tasks advertised on Airtasker. Both sites do not charge a posting fee, but Freelancer charges a 3% commission on completed jobs, compared to the 10%-20% charged by Airtasker.

Key Information

Legal Name

Airtasker Pty. Ltd


Jonathan Lui

Founding Date

Feb 21, 2012


Sydney, Australia




How much does it cost to use Airtasker?

Airtasker doesn't charge a fee for task postings. They do, however, charge a service fee for completed work facilitated through the platform.

Is Airtasker a good platform to use?

Airtasker seems to have mixed reviews from different countries in which the platform operates. Some users reported positive experiences using Airtasker, while others have criticized different aspects of the business.

Can you pay cash on Airtasker?

You cannot pay cash for tasks posted and performed through Airtasker.

How do I delete a task posting on Airtasker?

  1. Go to your Airtasker account.
  2. Select "My tasks" in the header menu.
  3. Select delete next to the task you would like to remove.

What kind of tasks can I advertise on Airtasker?

Employers can advertise any task that they need to be done on the platform. Airtasker lets freelancers decide whether or not they are willing to perform the tasks on offer.

What are some alternatives to Airtasker?

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