Single Task

Task Price + $49.00 admin fee*

Speedlancer Subscription

$99.00 /mo.**

Concierge Subscription

$500.00 /mo.**

Starter Plan

From $500.00 /mo.

Unlimited Plan: 1 Task

$1,500.00 /mo.

Unlimited Plan: 2 Tasks (Concurrent)

$2,200.00 /mo.

Unlimited Plan: 3 Tasks (Concurrent)

$2,950.00 /mo.

Unlimited Plan: 4 Tasks (Concurrent)

$3,500.00 /mo.

Enterprise Plan

Contact for quote.

*Single Task pricing is comprised of the price the client sets for the task and an admin fee of $49.00.

**With the Speedlancer and Concierge subscriptions, users get a 50% discount on all tasks. If the cost of a custom task is less than the cost of the subscription, the remaining balance is credited to the user's subscription. Credits can be rolled over.

Speedlancer also offers a selection of curated teams for hire, as well as a range of tasks at fixed subscription prices that can be converted to one-off pricing with the addition of a $69.00 admin fee. Visit Speedlancer's website to view their full range of task options.


Speedlancer features a task board where employers can post tasks under any of the platform's specialist categories. Employers' hiring needs are accommodated by a range of paid task posting plans. Benefits include a choice between one-off or multiple tasks and a free revision of any delivered task.

Freelancers register at no cost and are hand-picked to perform specialized tasks remotely from wherever in the world they are based. Services include 24-hour support and a four-hour turnaround time for completing tasks.


  • Employers are promised delivery of their work within a 4-hour deadline.
  • The platform features a variety of task posting plans that include one-off and bundle options.
  • Unlike other options like Upwork and Freelancer, employers benefit from curated talent and pre-negotiated fees.
  • The platform includes task tracking via a task management portal.
  • All teams are overseen by a concierge and the platform features AI-driven technology to track the progress of tasks.
  • Employers receive confirmation that a task has been completed and tasks are delivered to employers via email.
  • Employers are entitled to a free revision of delivered tasks.
  • Slack integration and a dedicated Speedlancer "slackbot" make it easy to directly communicate with freelance teams.
  • The platform features 24/7 support provided by native English speakers via telephone, email, Slack, or live chat.
  • Speedlancer has an established social media presence, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


  • Speedlancer doesn't offer a free task posting option, which other freelance marketplaces, such as Guru and Upwork do.
  • A time-based rather than an outcomes-based pricing model applies to completed tasks.
  • Employers only qualify for one free revision of completed tasks.
  • The 4-hour delivery time is not guaranteed for revisions, which will usually be completed within 24 hours.
  • No permanent hiring options are available.


Speedlancer boasts work done for prominent organizations like Bloomberg, Facebook, PWC, and BBC. On Trustpilot, Speedlancer has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars based on less than a dozen reviewers. The site has a 3.7-star rating on Product Hunt with a single negative review.

Speedlancer vs. Upwork:

Speedlancer and Upwork are freelance marketplaces, but only Speedlancer matches skilled freelancers to tasks. Both offer a wide array of paid plan options. Upwork features a free basic posting option, while Speedlancer's prices start at the task price determined by the client plus an admin fee of $49.00 for a one-off task.

Speedlancer vs. Guru:

Speedlancer and Guru both connect employers with freelancers specializing in various fields. Only Speedlancer matches qualified freelancers to tasks. Guru offers free job postings and access to freelancer profiles and portfolios at no cost. Speedlancer's most affordable price is based on the cost that a client sets and an admin fee of $49.00.

Speedlancer vs. Dice:

Speedlancer matches qualified freelancers to a wide array of tasks, while Dice has a tech focus and their developers are rigorously screened. Speedlancer's most affordable price is based on the cost that a client sets for a task and an admin fee of $49.00. Dice, on the other hand, charges $495.00 per post, making it the costlier option.

Key Information

Legal Name

Speedlancer Inc.


Adam Stone

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014


814 Mission St., Level 6, San Francisco, CA 94103




What does Speedlancer offer?

Speedlancer provides a marketplace for employers to hire teams of remote freelancers representing a wide range of specialties, including design and development, podcasting, thought leadership, virtual assistance, content marketing, and many more.

What does it cost to hire a team of freelancers with Speedlancer?

Speedlancer's pricing starts at $500.00 per month, but employers can also opt for posting a onc-off task where they set the price and then pay an additional admin fee of $49.00.

How do I create a Speedlancer account?

  1. Go to the Speedlancer home page.
  2. Click on the menu icon near the top-right of the page.
  3. Select "Signup" in the drop-down menu.
  4. Complete the online form with your details.
  5. Click on "Submit."
  6. You will be sent an email prompting you to verify your account.

How can I edit a Speedlancer task posting?

You can edit any task through the "Private Messages" tool on the task page.

How can I delete a Speedlancer task posting?

Speedlancer allows one refund on a canceled project. Projects can be deleted through the "Private Messages" tool.

How do I hire the best freelancers on Speedlancer?

  1. Provide the freelancers with sufficient task background and context.
  2. Tell them what is not required, such as “The blog post does not need any hyperlinks.”
  3. Specify as much as possible, for example, “Provide the file format.”
  4. Ask them if they have any questions.

What are some Speedlancer alternatives?

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