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Speedlancer Job Posting

July 23rd, 2019

Speedlancer is a freelance job board that offers a range of predefined task groups and a network of freelancers.

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A Speedlancer Task subscription costs $99.00, and a Concierge, $500.00. A subscription gives you 50% off on purchasing tasks.



Social Media Graphic Design


600 word blog post


Ripl Video Design


Canva Design


Lead Generation - 50 B2B leads




Web Research on any topic


PDF to Word/Excel Transcription


Infographic Design


Business Card Design (2 variations)


Press release writing


Manual data-collection


Excel Docs - beta


Lead Magnet Design


Music Licensing


Speedlancer Job Posting

Pros: It is fast. Good quality work.

Cons: Time-based and not outcomes-based charging model.

Bottomline: Speedlancer offers a pool of talent in a range of disciplines. This is a good option for a quick turn around.

How to Post a Job on Speedlancer:

  1. Go to speedlancer.com .
  2. Sign up.
  3. Purchase a task.
  4. Submit a brief.
  5. Connect with Speedlancer.

Key Information:


Adam Stone




Caulfield Junction, Victoria, Australia


Adam Stone

Number of Employees

1 - 10

Contact Information







carol.f.gordon - facebook.com

Just had a flyer designed by Speedlancer - The Fastest Freelance Platform. Great result in under 4 hours! Use this service - it is amazing! (and owned by the 21year old son of a friend of mine)

boyhollow - facebook.com

Any answers? Seems like maybe Speedlancer needs to hire a speed lance to answer their facebook question...

Mommyofthreeboyz - reddit.com

I would suggest ... Speedlancer. With ... Speedlancer the topics usually don't require heavy research.

joncwrites - reddit.com

If you want to make really good money as an online writer then I would suggest Speed Lancer, or Upwork so you can find work as a freelancer.

Matthew Long - Twitter

Worked once, but the second time around it was an epic failure. Not recommended.


How do I create a Speedlancer account?

Go to speedlancer.com and click on "Sign Up" in the top right corner of the homepage.

Read how to post a job on Speedlancer.

How can I edit a Speedlancer job posting?

You can edit any task through the "Private Messages" tool on the task page.

View customer reviews of Speedlancer.

How can I delete a Speedlancer job posting?

Speedlancer allows one refund on a canceled project. Projects can be deleted through the "Private Messages" tool.

See Speedlancer key information.

What kind of freelance jobs can you post on Speedlancer?

  • Design.
  • Writing.
  • Tech.

Speedlancer accepts a wide range of job posts within each of these areas.

How do I find the best freelancers on Speedlancer?

Speedlancer has teams of selected freelancers, but a good brief will ensure your work is done correctly and quickly. Here are some tips for writing a great brief to a Speedlancer:

  1. Give the freelancer context. Let them know why this project is important and needs to be done. Tell them about the motivations behind the task and the challenges you've already faced with it.
  2. Tell them what is not required. For example: "The blog post does not need any hyperlinks".
  3. Give as much detail as possible. For example, file format.
  4. Ask them if they have any questions.

What are some Speedlancer alternatives?

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