October 14th, 2020

Hackajob is an online marketplace for digital talent, allowing companies to hire experienced software engineers globally.

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Hackajob charges either a "Monthly Access Fee" or a "Success Fee" if you hire an employee. Fees are not disclosed on the website.

How to post a job on Hackajob?

  1. Create your free Hackajob profile, detailing your company and job details.
  2. Search for candidates.
  3. Choose the candidates you like and invite them to interview.

Key Information:


Razvan Creanga, Mark Chaffey




London, England


Razvan Creanga

Number of Employees


Phone Number

Message only


20 Ropemaker Street, London, England




How can I create a Hackajob account?

Go to hackajob.co, click "Sign up" in the top right corner of the homepage, and fill in the online form.

How can I edit a Hackajob job posting?

You can edit your job posting from the Hackajob dashboard. Select the active job you would like to edit and make your changes.

How can I delete a Hackajob job posting?

From your dashboard, select the job you would like to close and click the "Delete" icon alongside it.

How can I find good software engineers on Hackajob?

Firstly, a well-written job posting will help you attract the best candidates for your position. You can also quickly identify the right talent using Hackajob's AI algorithm and search functions.

What are some Hackajob alternatives?