Adeva Pricing, How to Post, Key Information, and FAQs


May 28th, 2019

Adeva is a job posting site based in Macedonia. They specialize in helping tech companies connect with talented developers by screening hand-picked candidates for listed roles.

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Adeva charges the employer a percentage of the total project cost.

How to Post a Job on Adeva:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Hire Developers."
  3. Add information about your job including title, company, description and location.

Key Information:


Tosho Trajanov, Katerina Trajchevska




Skopje, Macedonia


Katerina Trajchevska

Phone Number

+389 (78) 331-556


Customer Reviews:



Aleksandar Pavlov -

Amazing place to work at. Amazing people. Professional services and quality work. If you need a next gen solution for your business that’s the place.


How can I create an Adeva account?

From the Adeva homepage, click "Hire Developers," then enter your personal details and click "submit."

How can I edit an Adeva job?

There is no information on editing a job post.

How can I delete an Adeva job posting?

There is no information on deleting a job post.

How often will Adeva bill me?

Adeva usually bills customers twice a month, although you can make arrangements with them for once-a-month billing.

What kind of freelance jobs can I post on Adeva?

You can post jobs for UX/UI Designers, quality assurance engineers, and software engineers both full-time and part-time.

What payment methods does Adeva accept?

Currently, the only payment option is wire transfer.