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Adeva charges the employer a percentage of the total project cost. Contact them for pricing details.


Adeva is a global platform that brings employers together with top developers and software engineers from around the world. They offer a simple-to-use platform, allowing employers to enter a few details about their job needs which Adeva will then use to suggest suitable candidates.

Adeva also offers both candidates and employers useful resources, including a tech blog, industry news, and interview questions that employers can use to hire the perfect candidate. They are not a traditional job board, as employers cannot post directly on the site, but Adeva will help employers to fill all their developer hiring needs.


  • Adeva is a niche hiring platform that focuses on tech professionals.
  • The site offers a network of top talent with developers, designers, and engineers that have been rigorously screened.
  • There are different solutions for startups and enterprises.
  • Employers can hire for flexible staffing, including part-time, full-time, and short-term workers.
  • The site includes a tech blog, industry guides, and example interview questions to assist with hiring.
  • The platform has a simple recruitment process.


  • Adeva has no transparent pricing.
  • There is no candidate database.
  • The site lacks social media sharing or sharing to other job boards.


Adeva is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it does have an excellent rating on Trustpilot with all 20 reviewers giving Adeva a five-star rating. These reviewers praised Adeva's quick and smooth recruitment process, the quality of their developers, and their ongoing support.

How to Post a Project on Adeva:

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5 Minutes
How to Post a Project on Adeva:

Five easy steps for posting a project on Adeva.


Posting a project on Adeva.


Go to adevait.com.

Go to adevait.com.

Start by navigating to the Adeva home page.


Select "Developers."

Select "Developers."

Scroll down and click on "Developers." This will take you to the page for hiring software developers.


Select "Hire a Software Developer Now."

Select "Hire a Software Developer Now."

Click on the highlighted button to begin the process of creating your project.


Complete the online application form.

Complete the online application form.

Complete your project advertisement by selecting the appropriate responses when prompted for the type of job, skills, or experience needed, and your project's start date.


Submit your project.

Submit your project.

In the final step of the online form, enter your name, email address, and phone number. Click "Submit" once you've completed the form.

Adeva vs. Toptal:

Toptal is similar to Adeva in that it is a global tech recruitment platform for developers. Both sites perform candidate matching; Adeva by using employer-input job details, and Toptal by their senior domain experts. While Adeva's pricing is not shown on the site, Toptal's pricing is provided by the freelancers and can be costly.

Adeva vs. Dice:

Unlike Adeva, Dice is a tech job board, but it only features U.S. tech talent whereas Adeva's talent database includes top tech professionals from around the world. Neither site offers social media sharing but Dice does feature a candidate database, which Adeva lacks, and transparent pricing for posting job ads.

Adeva vs. TechFetch:

TechFetch and Adeva are both job boards dedicated to the technology industry. Adeva, however, screens candidates on its site, while TechFetch operates more similarly to traditional job boards. Unlike Adeva, TechFetch offers applicant tracking and candidate matching.

Key Information

Legal Name



Tosho Trajanov

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014


Adeva, Inc, 110 Wall St., New York City 10005 NY




1 (888) 899-4980




What is Adeva?

Adeva is a freelance marketplace based in New York that connects tech companies with hand-picked developers.

How do I create an Adeva account?

From the Adeva home page, click the green "Get Started" button. When prompted, select the appropriate responses to describe what type of position you need to fill, then enter your contact details and click on "Submit."

What does it cost to post a project on Adeva?

Adeva charges a percentage of the total project cost.

How do I delete an Adeva project?

There is no information on deleting a project on Adeva.

How often will Adeva bill me?

Adeva usually bills customers twice a month, although you can make arrangements with them for once-a-month billing.

What payment methods does Adeva accept?

Adeva accepts wire transfers, major credit cards, and ACH.

What are some Adeva alternatives?

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