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Known as the official Laravel job board, LaraJobs is a global job posting site that helps employers find and recruit professionals that work with Laravel. The site is trusted and used by top companies such as Adobe, HelloFresh, and the World Trade Organization.

The site also features recruitment solutions such as highlighted listings and social media promotion services for maximum exposure. Compared to other developer job boards, LaraJobs is more expensive but offers employers access to a specialized group of professionals.


  • LaraJobs posts positions such as full-stack engineer, senior developer, technical lead, and software engineer, among others.
  • Jobs are shared on Laravel News' website and newsletter.
  • The platform allows job posts to stay live for 30 days.
  • The site offers a high degree of job post customization, including the ability to upload company logos.
  • Job posts can be highlighted in a different color or be boosted to the top of the job board's page for maximum exposure.
  • Job posts are shared to the site's Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.


  • The platform does not offer a free job posting option.
  • The site does not feature any applicant management tools.
  • Their pricing is more expensive than competitors such as PHP Classes and Authentic Jobs.


We were unable to find any online reviews of LaraJobs.

How to Post a Job on LaraJobs:

$299.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on LaraJobs:

Three easy steps for posting a job on LaraJobs.


Posting a Job on LaraJobs.


Click "Post a Job."

Click "Post a Job."

You'll find this button in the top right-hand corner of LaraJobs' home page.


Enter your job posting details.

Enter your job posting details.

Fill out the job description form and be sure to include the job title, location, and a link to the job description.

Select any enhancement options you'd like to add to your job post.

Then, add your name and email address to the account registration form.

Once you're done, click "Checkout."


Purchase your job post.

Purchase your job post.

Review your order and add your billing details to the online form. Then, click "Pay $348.00."

Once your payment is processed, your job post will go live.

LaraJobs vs. PHP Classes:

Like LaraJobs, PHP Classes helps employers find PHP professional developers. LaraJobs, however, is more specialized and focuses only on Laravel developer jobs. LaraJobs charges $299.00 for a single job post, while PHP Classes asks $60.00 for a normal posting, making it a more affordable option, and they also have discounted rates for recruiters.

LaraJobs vs. Authentic Jobs:

LaraJobs and Authentic Jobs are both global job boards. LaraJobs, however, caters solely to tech and Laravel developers, while Authentic Jobs connects employers with designers and software developers. While both platforms feature social media promotion services, LaraJobs also offers features such as highlighted listings and employer branding.

LaraJobs vs. Toptal:

While LaraJobs is dedicated to posting Laravel developer positions, Toptal caters to a range of industries, which includes software developers. A large difference is that Toptal specializes in freelancing jobs, while LaraJobs posts full-time, part-time, and remote jobs. The former is better suited for contract or freelance workers.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014






What is LaraJobs?

LaraJobs is a global job posting site dedicated to connecting employers with professional Laravel developers, engineers, and technicians.

What does it cost to post a job on LaraJobs?

LaraJobs' pricing starts at $299.00 for a single job post. Employers also have the option to add a variety of enhancement features to their job posts at additional costs.

How do I create a LaraJobs account?

  1. Navigate to LaraJobs' home page.
  2. Click "Post a Job" in the top right-hand corner.
  3. At the bottom of the job posting details form, add your name and email address, and click "Checkout" to create an account.

Does LaraJobs post remote positions?

Yes, LaraJobs allows employers to post remote positions, as well as in-office jobs throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., among others.

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