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Ruby Now is a niche job board that advertises career opportunities for Ruby on Rails professionals. Owned and operated by East Rock Software, the platform helps employers to recruit top candidates from their pool of more than 10,000 developers, programmers, technical leads, and engineers.

Ruby Now offers several job posting packages and a straightforward job posting process. Compared to other developer job boards, the platform is well-priced and features a variety of hiring services, such as social media promotion, featured listings, and targeted email alerts.


  • Ruby Now gives employers access to a niche talent pool of Ruby on Rails professionals.
  • The platform offers several job posting packages to suit a variety of hiring needs.
  • Employers can post jobs throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as worldwide remote positions.
  • Vacancies stay live on the site for 45 days.
  • The platform shares listings to their Twitter account.
  • Job posts are sent to candidates via daily, weekly, or monthly email alerts.
  • The "Expert" package pins employers' job posts to the top of the site's email feed for 30 days.
  • Jobs are listed immediately after employers complete the posting process.
  • The platform offers additional hiring solutions for employers having difficulty recruiting candidates.


  • Ruby Now does not have a free job posting option.
  • The site does not offer bulk job posting packages.
  • The platform lacks candidate matching and applicant tracking features.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Ruby Now.

How to Post a Job on Ruby Now:

$79.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Ruby Now:

Five easy steps for posting a job on Ruby Now.


Posting a job on Ruby Now.

Navigate to Ruby Now's home page.

On the home page, find and select "POST A JOB."


Enter your job posting details.

Enter your job posting details.

Fill out the online job posting form with information such as the job title, location, and job type. Once you're done, select "Next."

You also have the option to click on "Clear All Fields" if you'd like to start over.

You can then review your job post for accuracy, and when you're satisfied, click on "Next."


Select a job posting package.

Select a job posting package.

Choose your preferred job posting package. Then, click on "Next."


Register as an employer.

Register as an employer.

Fill out the online form labeled "New User?" Then, select "Sign up."


Purchase your job post.

Purchase your job post.

Add your billing information to the online form and click on "Make Payment" to pay for your job post.

Your job post will immediately go live on the site.

Ruby Now vs. Ruby on Rails Jobs:

Similar to Ruby Now, Ruby on Rails Jobs helps employers recruit Ruby on Rails developers and engineers. While both platforms offer social media promotion and email advertising, Ruby Now caters to job seekers from both the U.S. and Europe, meaning it has a wider reach than Ruby on Rails Jobs, which only serves the U.S.

Ruby Now vs. Toptal:

While Ruby Now primarily advertises Ruby on Rails jobs, Toptal is a general job board for freelancers in the IT industry. The latter matches employers with senior and expert-level candidates, while Ruby Now is geared towards developers at all career levels. Toptal is also the more expensive option, charging a deposit of $500.00 per hire.

Ruby Now vs. Dice:

Ruby Now offers several affordable job posting options, starting from $79.00 for a standard job post. In comparison, Dice's prices start from $395.00 for a single job post. The site has a much larger audience than Ruby Now, with over 9 million registered tech professionals. Dice also offers resume searches, which Ruby Now lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

East Rock Software LLC


Stephen Robinson

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2005


59 Elm St., New Haven, CT 06510






What is Ruby Now?

Ruby Now is a developer job board that specializes in posting Ruby on Rails positions at all career levels throughout the U.S. and Europe.

What does it cost to post a job on Ruby Now?

Ruby Now's pricing starts from $79.00 for a standard job post. The platform also offers premium and expert job posts priced at $139.00 and $199.00 respectively.

How do I create a Ruby Now account?

  1. Navigate to Ruby Now's home page.
  2. Click on "LOGIN" and select "Click here" under the heading "Create a new Account?"
  3. Fill out the registration form.
  4. Click on "Register."

What is East Rock Software?

East Rock Software is a recruitment company that helps clients find and hire candidates for their software and development roles. They are the parent company of Ruby Now.

How do I delete a job post on Ruby Now?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on "MY POSTS."
  3. Select the job post you'd like to remove and click on "Delete."

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