Diversity.com review with pricing, posting instructions, key information, and FAQs.


November 11th, 2020

Diversity.com is a diversity job board that aims to make recruiting and hiring for diversity affordable and efficient. Employers can advertise vacancies and search for candidates among the website's database of professionals, technicians, faculty, managers, and executives.

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1 job posting for 30 days (non-profit)


1 job posting for 30 days (commercial)


1 job posting for 60 days (non-profit)


1 job posting for 60 days (commercial)


4 job postings for 60 days (non-profit)


4 job postings for 60 days (commercial)


12 job postings for 60 days (non-profit)


12 job postings for 60 days (commercial)


24 job postings for 60 days (non-profit)


24 job postings for 60 days (commercial)



Diversity.com is an African American family-owned small business that has 20 years of experience helping employers hire for diversity and connecting highly qualified job seekers with employers. The company offers multiple jobs posting bundles, access to a resume database, and diversity and inclusion services.

Employers can add screening questions to job posts, and multiple payment methods are supported. Non-profit organizations pay less for job postings. However, Diversity.com, while it has a sizeable membership on LinkedIn, uses very little social media to promote jobs.


  • There are many different job posting bundles to choose from.
  • Job posting products cost less for non-profit organizations.
  • Each job posting comes with a logo and employer profile.
  • Access to a talent pool made up of highly qualified candidates.
  • Multiple payment methods supported.
  • Diversity and inclusion services offered.
  • Screening questions can be added to job posts.
  • Job scraping from employer websites.


  • No applicant tracking system.
  • Basic job post management system.
  • Resume search tool and resume alerts cost extra.
  • Limited social media use.


There are no reviews of Diversity.com and the company does not have a Better Business Bureau profile or rating. There are also no testimonials on the company's website. However, Diversity.com does have a LinkedIn group with 38,193 members.

How to Post a Job on Diversity.com:

  1. Go to the Diversity.com homepage.
  2. Click on "Sign in/Register," at the top of the page.
  3. Fill in the online Employer Registration form.
  4. From your Employers Dashboard, click "Post a Job".
  5. Fill in the job details including the job title, type of position, salary, location, job description, etc.
  6. Preview the job posting.
  7. Post.
Diversity.com vs. DiversityJobs
Diversity.com vs. DiversityJobs:

DiversityJobs and Diversity.com have both been around for 20 years and are similar. Unlike Diversity.com, DiversityJobs integrates with applicant tracking systems, uses social media to promote jobs, and offers access to account directors. Diversity.com, however, is cheaper and offers more job posting options.

Diversity.com vs. America's Job Exchange
Diversity.com vs. America's Job Exchange:

America's Job Exchange is more affordable than Diversity.com but Diversity.com offers far more job posting options and discounts for non-profits. AJE reaches a much larger and more general talent pool, whereas Diversity.com focuses on highly-qualified job-seekers.

Diversity.com vs. Professional Diversity Network
Diversity.com vs. Professional Diversity Network:

PDN is more expensive than Diversity.com, but offers a wider reach, is more user-friendly, and has great features such as live chatbot and company profiles that allow for video. Diversity.com offers more options, is more affordable., allows for screening questions. It also gives access to a resume database.

Key Information:

Legal Name



Bill Bargas




245 Highland Avenue, Suite 230-168, Atlanta, GA 30307

Number of Employees







What is Diversity.com?

Diversity.com is a diversity job board that aims to make recruiting and hiring for diversity and inclusion affordable and efficient. It offers employers access to a large pool of highly-qualified talent. It is an African American family-owned small business.

What does it cost to post a job on Diversity.com?

It costs $220.00 to post a job for 30 days on Diversity.com. For non-profit organizations, it is slightly cheaper at $180.00. Diversity.com offers a wide range of job posting bundles.

How do I create an account on Diversity.com?

To register on Diversity.com go to the homepage, click on "Sign in/Register," and fill in the online form.

What types of jobs can I advertise on Diversity.com?

You can post jobs for highly-qualified people across a wide range of industries. Diversity.com is a diversity hire job site.