Why We Choose CareerVitals, HealthcareSource Job Board, and Healthcare Jobsite:

CareerVitals is the largest healthcare job board in the world and is seen as the primary option for healthcare professionals. The site goes beyond connecting professionals with employers. It offers free resume critiques and healthcare job alerts and has a low barrier to entry for recruiters, with a fee of $29.99 per job post without any monthly fees.

HealthcareSource Job Board is our next best option for finding talented healthcare specialists. It is a job board, talent management software, and advisory solution all in one. HealthcareSource Job Board advertises a wide range of healthcare positions and is used by more than 1,600 medical institutions.

Healthcare Jobsite is our third best healthcare job board. It has a massive network of employers and employees, with over 175,000 companies advertising posts that attract the best workers, making it very effective at finding the right employee. Their pricing can range from $199.00 to $499.00 per month.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Healthcare Job Boards:

  1. A healthcare job board need not be confined to job searching and job listing. Find one that offers more value, such as resources for medical professionals, industry news, and useful tips for employers and employees.
  2. If you're looking for a specialized role, you might benefit from listing your position on a healthcare job board that specializes in a particular medical sub-field.
  3. Job boards might advertise their pricing per month or per job post. Consider which option works for you. If you have a number of positions open, a job board that offers multiple job postings for a monthly fee may ultimately be more affordable than a job board that charges a fee per job post.

Best Healthcare Job Boards:

01. CareerVitals

From $29.99 /post.

02. HealthcareSource Job Board

From $200.00 /post.

03. Healthcare Jobsite

From $199.00 /mo.

04. ANA Career Center

From $299.00 /post.

05. HealthJobsNationwide.com

From $299.00 /post.

06. BioSpace Job Board

From $415.00 /post.

07. PharmaOpportunities

From $30.00 /post.

08. Health eCareers

From $499.00 /post.

09. JAMA Career Center

From $508.00 /post.

10. NHA Job Board

From $199.00 /post.

11. MDJobSite.com

From $449.95 /post.

12. DocCafe.com

Contact for quote.

13. PracticeMatch

Contact for quote.

14. PracticeLink

Contact for quote.

15. PhysicianJobBoard.com

From $299.00 /post.

16. MDsearch.com


17. HospitalistWorking.com

From $349.00 /post.

*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.

CareerVitals vs. HealthcareSource Job Board vs. Healthcare Jobsite:

CareerVitals gives employers access to a talent pool of over 4 million healthcare professionals, and offers services such as interview questions, Craigslist exposure, social network integration, and custom branding.

HealthcareSource Job Board focuses on providing talent management software to various healthcare institutions to ensure they recruit the most suitable workers. They develop tailor-made solutions to medical employers, with tools for talent acquisition, talent management, employee performance analysis, and learning and development.

Healthcare Jobsite offers targeted recruitment solutions to attract the best medical professionals. These include targeted advertising, direct candidate texting, targeted emails, and a flexible candidate search portal. They also offer solutions for small businesses, agencies, and strategic partnerships.

Each job board has different pricing options. CareerVitals has the most affordable option available, a pay-as-you-go method that starts at $29.99 per job. This option has no monthly fees and is ideal for companies with only a few positions to advertise. It also offers four monthly plans ranging from $49.00 to $199.00 per month.

Healthcare Jobsite offers three plans that range from $199.00 to $499.00 per month, without the option for single job posts. Each price plan has its own benefits, including more job listings, more candidate searches, and different methods of application. HealthcareSource Job Board's pricing starts from $200.00 per post.

Top 3 Healthcare Job Boards Comparison:



HealthcareSource Job Board

Healthcare Jobsite

Most affordable plan

$29.99 /post.

$200.00 /post.

$199.00 /mo.

Shared on social media

Candidate database

Jobs organized by category

Applicant filter

Applicant tracking


Recruiter training



How do healthcare professionals recruit?

  • Recruiters run campus recruitment sessions at universities.
  • They post jobs on best healthcare job boards.
  • Some employers provide a more lucrative package than the competition to attract recruits.
  • Employers often promote younger workers from within.

Are there any healthcare job boards that I can use for free?

All of the best healthcare job boards we've seen charge a fee for job posts and other services. While they don't target healthcare professionals particularly, there are general job posting sites that can be used for free that are worth considering.

Are healthcare job boards effective?

Healthcare job boards can help companies reach more candidates in a competitive industry. Employers can source candidates that are more likely to be qualified by using job boards focused on healthcare.

Are there any good niche sites that I can use to post my medical job adverts?

Yes, we've listed our selection of them with the specific jobs they're best to hire for. These are some of the best job posting sites for healthcare hiring because they let you focus narrowly on the position you need to fill.

Are healthcare job ads more expensive than other fields?

They can be. In general, niche job boards for medical hiring will charge you for posting. Healthcare and medicine is a very competitive industry for hiring, so you may have to pay to advertise some of the more in-demand jobs. That said, there are still plenty of free medical job posting sites to try.

Can I post a healthcare job ad on social media and expect results?

It depends on a lot of things, but there's no harm in trying. We've written a guide with tips for social media recruiting that should be a big help. Advertising on social media can be especially effective because you can target people by profession.

Where can I post my medical secretary job ads?

Employers can advertise medical secretary positions on various niche job boards, such as iHireMedicalSecretaries, CareerVitals, and Health eCareers.

Are there any suggestions on how I can post my healthcare job ads effectively?

When you're posting jobs in very competitive hiring markets, you've got to think of your potential applicants as customers that you're advertising to. Focus on what makes your job and your workplace the one they'll want to work for. Minimize requirements and qualifications to the ones that are essential.

Where can I post my medical case manager job ads?

There are several niche job boards, such as HealthJobsNationwide.com and Healthcare Jobsite, that allow employers to advertise medical case management roles.

Where can I hire healthcare workers offline?

If online hiring isn't working, you might try putting the word out with your current employees, letting them know that you're hiring, and see if they can use their networks to refer employees. You might also try local universities and see if they have an alumni network where you can advertise your jobs.

Where can I post my hospitalist job ads?

HospitalistWorking.com and the NHA job board are good options for advertising hospitalist positions.

Is there any advice on how to hire hospitalists efficiently?

Hospitalist job posting sites can be very competitive right now. Try getting in touch with alumni networks, putting the word out on online forums like the Hospital Medicine Exchange (HMX) and telling people in your network who work directly with hospitalists about the job. Be sure to emphasize what makes working at your hospital attractive to candidates who may already be employed.

How can I write an effective healthcare job post?

The key to all job posts, and this is even more important with very competitive hiring markets, is to focus on writing the post from the perspective of the applicant. Why should they work for you? What makes this job better than others? For more advice on this, see Betterteam's job posting template.

Do you have any tips on where to hire healthcare workers if job boards aren't working?

Start by posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Let all your employees know that you're hiring for this position and ask them for referrals. Consider posting to local newspapers as well.

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