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Why We Choose CareerVitals, HealthcareSource, & HealthcareJobSite:

CareerVitals is the largest healthcare job board in the world and is seen as the primary option for healthcare professionals. The site goes beyond connecting professionals with employers. It offers free resume critiques, healthcare job alerts, and has a low barrier of entry for recruiters, with a fee of $29.00 per job post without any monthly fees.

HealthcareSource is our next best option for finding talented healthcare specialists. It is a job board, talent management software, and advisory solution all in one. HealthcareSource offers a wide range of healthcare positions and is used by more than 1,600 medical institutions.

HealthcareJobSite is our third best healthcare job board. It is a large community of healthcare workers with different specializations. HealthcareJobSite has a massive network of employers and employees, with over 175,000 companies advertising posts that attract the best workers, making it very effective in finding the right employee. Their pricing can range between $199.00 - $499.00 per month.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Healthcare Job Boards:

  1. A healthcare job board need not be confined to job searching and job listing. Find one that offers more value, such as resources for medical professionals, industry news, and useful tips for employers and employees.
  2. If you're looking for a specialized role, you might benefit from listing your position on a healthcare job board that specializes in a particular medical sub-field.
  3. Job boards might advertise their pricing per month or per job post. Consider which option works for you. If you have a number of positions open, a job board that offers multiple job postings for a monthly fee may ultimately be cheaper than a job board that charges a fee per job post.

Best Healthcare Job Boards:





$29.99 - $199.00 depending on the number of job postings purchased.


Quote only.

3.Healthcare Jobsite

$199.00 - $499.00 per month, depending on the number of postings required.

4.ANA Enterprise

Quote only.


$325.00 per job posting.


$415.00 - $3,600 depending on the number of job postings required.


$165.00 per posting for 30 days; $250.00 per posting for 60 days.

8.Health eCareers

$499.00 per posting for 30 days.

9.JAMA Career Center

$890.00 per posting for 60 days.



CareerVitals vs. HealthcareSource vs. HealthcareJobSite:

The best way to compare healthcare job boards is by their talent network. A job board's reach and services provide an indication of the scope of healthcare professionals you can connect to. CareerVitals distributes employee resumes to a number of prominent job boards, giving you a talent pool of over 4 million healthcare professionals to tap into, and offering services such as interview questions, Craigslist exposure, social network integration, and custom branding, among others.

HealthcareSource has a unique take on talent management. They focus on providing talent management software to various healthcare institutions to ensure they recruit the most suitable workers. They develop tailor-made solutions to medical employers, with tools for talent acquisition, talent management, employee performance analysis, and learning and development.

HealthcareJobSite offers targeted recruitment solutions to attract the best medical professionals. These include targeted advertising, direct candidate texting, targeted emails, and a flexible candidate search portal, among others. Additionally, they offer solutions for small businesses, agencies, and strategic partnerships with a global recruitment network.

Each job board has different pricing options. CareerVitals has the cheapest option available, a pay-as-you-go method that starts at $29.99 per job. This option has no monthly fees and is ideal for companies with only a few positions to advertise. It also offers four monthly plans ranging from $49.00 to $199.00 per month.

HealthcareJobSite offers three price plans that range from $199.00 to $499.00 per month, without the option for single job posts. Each price plan has its own benefits, including more job listings, more candidate searches, and different methods of application. HealthcareSource does not disclose its pricing.

Top 3 Healthcare Job Boards Comparison:





Cheapest Plan

$29.99 per job post



Shared on social media

Candidate database

Jobs organized by category

Applicant filter

Applicant tracking


Recruiter training



How do healthcare professionals recruit?

Are there any healthcare job boards that I can use for free?

What is the best platform to post medical jobs in the USA?

This depends on your needs as an employer, but any of the job sites featured in our table above can assist you with sourcing top healthcare candidates.

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