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Why We Choose Healthcarejobs.ca, HealthJobHub, and Healthcare Jobsite:

Healthcarejobs.ca, our top choice, is part of the Jobs.ca network which allows employers to post to a variety of niche job boards catering to the Canadian market from one convenient portal. Healthcarejobs.ca makes it easy for job seekers to find suitable medical positions and offers employers access to a niche market.

HealthJobHub is our next best option for finding talented healthcare specialists. This niche job board caters to both the Canadian and U.S. markets and is more affordable than Healthcarejobs.ca. The site has a simple and user-friendly design, making it easy to navigate for both job seekers and employers. It also features a resume database.

Healthcare Jobsite is our third best healthcare job board. HealthcareJobsite has a massive network of employers and employees, with over 175,000 companies advertising posts that attract the best workers, making it very effective at finding the right employee.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Healthcare Job Boards:

  1. Find a healthcare job board that offers more than job searching and job listing only, such as resources for medical professionals, industry news, and useful tips for employers and employees.
  2. If you're looking to fill a specialized role, you might benefit from listing your position on a healthcare job board that specializes in a particular medical sub-field.
  3. Job boards might advertise their pricing per month or per job post. If you have a number of positions open, a job board that offers multiple job postings for a monthly fee may ultimately be more affordable than a job board that charges a fee per job post.

Best Healthcare Job Boards:


Job Board



From C$325.00 /post.


From C$350.00 /mo.

3.Healthcare Jobsite

From US$199.00 /mo.

4.Global Medical Careers

From US$199.00 /post.

5.Nursing Careers Canada

From C$330.00 /post.


From C$139.00 /post.

7.Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Job Board

From C$215.00 /post.

8.Job Bank



Free and paid options.


Free and paid options.


Free and paid options.

*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.

Healthcare Job Aggregators:


How do you recruit healthcare professionals?

  • Employers can conduct campus recruitment sessions at universities.
  • Recruiters should advertise vacancies on the best healthcare job boards.
  • Employers must try to provide a more lucrative package than the competition to attract professionals.
  • Promoting younger workers from within is a good strategy.

Are there any healthcare job boards that I can use for free?

All of the best healthcare job boards we've seen charge a fee for job posts and other services. While they don't target healthcare professionals particularly, there are general job posting sites that can be used for free that are worth considering.

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