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How to Post a Job on Indeed:

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How to Post a Job on Indeed:

Follow these three simple steps to post your next vacancy on Indeed.


Posting a job on Indeed.


Click "Post a Job."

Click "Post a Job."

Go Indeed.ca and click on "Employers: Post a Job."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Create an account or sign in to your existing account.


Click "Post a Job."

Click "Post a Job."

Click "Post a Job" and enter the relevant information into each field. Review your posting and click "Submit."

Key Information

Legal Name

Indeed, Inc.


Paul Forster

Founding Date

Jan. 01, 2004


6433 Champion Grandview Way Building 1, Austin, TX 78750

Number of Customers



1 (800) 462-5842




Does Indeed work in Canada?

Yes, Indeed is available in Canada.

How much does it cost to post a job on Indeed?

Indeed does not charge you to post a job that will appear in the general search section of their website. You have the option of paying to sponsor your jobs and pricing starts from $5.00 per day.

How can I edit an Indeed job posting?

  • Log on to your indeed.ca account.
  • Locate your jobs in the main menu.
  • Click "Edit" next to the posting that you would like to revise.

Does Indeed promote my jobs on other platforms?

No, unfortunately, your job posts will only be listed on the Indeed website. Your job post may appear on other websites that act as search engines and draw matching job posts from Indeed.

How can I delete an Indeed job posting?

  • Go to your indeed.ca account.
  • Select the posting you would like to remove.
  • Click "delete" to have it permanently removed from the site.

How long will my job post stay on Indeed?

Job posts typically stay on Indeed's website for 30 days before they expire.

Does Indeed assist employers with the recruitment process?

Yes, Indeed has an eBook available to assist employers with creating accurate job descriptions that attract the most suitable applicants.

Does Indeed allow employers to repost jobs?

Yes, Indeed allows employers to repost jobs that employers find hard to fill. You can find out more information about Indeed's job reposting.

How do I create an Indeed account?

To create an employer account where you can manage Indeed job postings, go to indeed.ca and click Employers: Post a New Job > Post Job > Create Account.

When is the best time to post my job on Indeed?

Ideally, you should post your job 4 months before the start date. This will give you sufficient time to screen and interview candidates, and enable a seamless recruitment and onboarding process.

Does Indeed assist employers with candidate interviews?

No, unfortunately Indeed does not offer employers any assistance with candidate interviews.

What are some Indeed alternatives?

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