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Jobs.ca is a Canadian job posting platform that has several mirror sites that are divided up by industry and sector, affording the benefits of niche websites coordinated through one central portal. Employers only need one account to post jobs on several different boards. The cost per post is the same across the network of sites.

The individual mirror sites allow employers to reach specific, well-defined target audiences. All Jobs.ca sites are available in English and French and have a “careers” section that provides job seekers access to free tools and resources.


  • Selection of niche job boards conveniently accessible through one central portal.
  • Employers need only one account.
  • Price per posting is consistent across all mirror sites.
  • Option for job seekers to browse jobs by location, category, or employer.
  • All sites are available in French and English.
  • Free resources and tools for job seekers.


  • No applicant tracking tools or additional features/services for employers.
  • Lacks social media sharing.
  • Expensive.


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How to Post a Job on Jobs.ca:

325.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Jobs.ca:

Three simple steps to help you post a job on Jobs.ca.


Posting a Job on Jobs.ca.


Click "Post a Job."

Click "Post a Job."

Navigate to the Jobs.ca home page and click "Post a Job."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Click "Register!" to register for your free Jobs.ca account.


Create a job post.

Create a job post.

Create a new job posting in your account menu. Select which job category you want the posting to be listed under, and pay the posting fee. Your job will then be posted.

Jobs.ca vs. Indeed:

Indeed is not only more affordable than Jobs.ca but also offers a wide array of useful tools and features to help employers streamline their recruitment efforts. It is, however, a general job board and while job seekers can browse by category it does not deliver the specific, well-defined audiences niche job boards offer.

Jobs.ca vs. Job Bank:

Unlike Jobs.ca, Job Bank is completely free, but not as easy to use as employers must be verified after registering before they can post jobs. Both sites are available in English and French. While Jobs.ca attracts very specific candidate pools with its niche sites, Job Bank provides a wider range of resources for both employers and job seekers.

Jobs.ca vs. Eluta.ca:

Compared to Jobs.ca, Eluta.ca is the more affordable and low effort option, as the site actively aggregates job postings from company websites. It also offers sponsored job ads, which Jobs.ca does not. Jobs.ca does, however, offer greater value in terms of the target audiences it can offer with its niche job boards.

Key Information

Legal Name

jobWings.com Careers Inc.


Manuel Francisci

Founding Date

Jan. 01, 2001


495-4020 St-Ambroise, Montreal, Quebec H4C 2C7, Canada




1 (888) 562-9464




What is Jobs.ca?

Jobs.ca is a Canadian career website with a network of niche job boards. Each niche job board attracts a specific candidate pool which employers can access through one central portal—Jobs.ca.

What does it cost to post a job on Jobs.ca?

Jobs.ca's pricing ranges from C$325.00 for a single job posting to C$22,700.00 for 100 job postings.

How do I create a Jobs.ca account?

To create a Jobs.ca account where you can post jobs and manage job postings, just go to their site, click "Post a Job," and then click "Register!" Enter your information and click "Save."

How can I edit a Jobs.ca job posting?

To edit your Jobs.ca job postings, you can log in to your account and select the ad you want to modify. Changes can be saved, but editing a posting will not reset your 30-day limit.

How can I delete a Jobs.ca job posting?

All Jobs.ca job postings will expire after 30 days unless they are renewed. If you wish to remove a posting before the 30-day period is up, you can log in to your account, open the posting, and then click "Delete."

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