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The CIPS Job Board has a specialized platform that enables users to find proficient IT professionals. More than a job board, CIPS functions as a community of IT practitioners that offers plenty of networking opportunities.


  • All job posts are active for 60 days.
  • Featured job postings are highlighted at the top of lists for additional visibility.
  • The platform has a wide local reach.
  • The site attracts highly-qualified job candidates within the IT sector.
  • Employers can take advantage of a host of networking opportunities.


  • The CIPS Job Board does not offer free job postings.
  • The platform lacks a resume database and advanced tools, such as candidate matching.


CIPS is an authoritative voice in the information technology space in Canada. Employers cite the ease of connection with the local IT community and recruiting of talented IT professionals as its main selling points.

How to Post a Job on the CIPS Job Board:

90.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on the CIPS Job Board:

Three easy steps for posting a job on the CIPS Job Board.


Posting a job on the CIPS Job Board.


Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job."

Go to the CIPS website and click on "Job Board" in the main menu. Select "Post a Job" from the drop-down menu.


Provide the details of your job.

Provide the details of your job.

On the following page, you will see a list of required information. Write down these details and email them to jobboard@cips.ca.


Buy job posting credits.

Buy job posting credits.

After submitting your job post information, you will need to purchase job credits before your posting can be published on the platform.

On the "Post a Job" page, click on "Job Posting Credit."

Then, click on "Purchase a Job Posting Credit."

Select a plan and add the title of your job posting.

Click on "Proceed" toward the bottom of the page.

Follow the prompts to complete your payment.

Your posting will be published within 24 hours of your payment being received.

If you do not purchase a job posting credit after submitting your listing, you will be sent an email with a payment link.

CIPS Job Board vs. Indeed:

Indeed has a far greater reach, advertises jobs in a range of industries, and has free job posting services, making it a far superior option to the CIPS Job Board. However, the CIPS Job Board might offer more value for employers wanting to target IT professionals and tap into Canada's IT community.

CIPS Job Board vs. Eluta.ca:

Eluta.ca is a general job posting site, while the CIPS Job Board targets IT professionals. Eluta.ca offers free posting and sponsored adverts for C$199.00, while the CIPS Job Board has no free options and a starting price of C$90.00. Businesses should consider their budget and target market when choosing between platforms.

CIPS Job Board vs. Job Bank:

Job Bank is a free job posting portal owned by the Canadian government. Conversely, the CIPS Job Board is a paid service that targets IT professionals. Job Bank is a good option for employers with a tight hiring budget, but the CIPS Job Board is more useful for targeting a niche audience of IT professionals.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 1958


1375 Southdown Rd., Unit 16, Ste. 802, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Z1








How do I create an account for the CIPS Job Board?

The CIPS Job Board does not have online accounts for employers. Instead, you need to contact the organization to start posting jobs.

What does it cost to post a job on the CIPS Job Board?

The CIPS Job Board's pricing ranges from C$90.00 to C$450.00 per job post.

How can I edit a job post on the CIPS Job Board?

You cannot manage CIPS Job Board postings on your own, since the site is controlled by an administrator. To make changes to a post, email jobboard@cips.ca requesting edits.

How can I delete a job post on the CIPS Job Board?

You cannot delete a posting on your own, but you can contact jobboard@cips.ca and have the posting removed by the site manager.

What are some alternatives to the CIPS Job Board?

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