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WorkInNonProfits.ca does not charge for job postings, although some for-profit fundraising companies, recruitment firms, and bulk posters may be charged a fee per posting.


WorkInNonProfits.ca is an established job posting site that is dedicated to helping not-for-profit organizations in Canada to find skilled candidates for paid and unpaid positions. It is purely a job posting site for nonprofit organizations, so does not feature a candidate or resume database. It also lacks applicant tracking features.

WorkInNonProfits.ca offers free posting options and often shares the posted vacancies on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They also offer useful links to third-party resources that are aimed at helping not-for-profit organizations, such as blogs, charity networks, and fund development.


  • Free job posting in both English and French.
  • Provides nonprofits with links to helpful resources, such as blogs, networks, and grant searches, aimed at nonprofit organizations.
  • Electronic records of old posts are kept so that employers can repost them if needed.
  • The site is mobile-friendly.
  • Vacancies are often shared to WorkInNonProfits.ca's social media.


  • Purely a job posting site.
  • There is no candidate database and employers cannot search candidate resumes.
  • Lacks applicant tracking tools.
  • There is no option for featured postings or businesses.
  • There is limited exposure for job vacancies on other sites.
  • Limited support options. Employers must fill out the contact form on the site and wait for a response.


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WorkInNonProfits.ca vs. Job Bank:

Like WorkInNonProfits.ca, Job Bank is a free job posting site for Canadian businesses. Both sites offer to post in French and English and are mobile-friendly. However, while WorkInNonProfits.ca is purely a job posting site for nonprofits, Job Bank is a general job board that offers additional features, like trend analysis and help resources.

WorkInNonProfits.ca vs. Jobs.ca:

Jobs.ca is a Canadian job board that is divided into various industries for targeted job postings. Unlike WorkInNonProfits.ca, it is a paid job board that is expensive when compared to competitors. However, it is like WorkInNonProfits.ca in that it offers to post in French and English but lacks additional employer resources, like applicant tracking.

WorkInNonProfits.ca vs. ECO Canada Job Board:

ECO Canada is a not-for-profit organization based in Canada that offers a job board on their site. It only focuses on the environmental sector while WorkInNonProfits.ca allows posts for any type of paid or volunteer jobs related to the Canadian not-for-profit sector. ECO Canada also charges a high posting fee whereas WorkInNonProfits.ca is free.

Key Information

Legal Name

WINP Solutions

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2006


Vancouver, BC




What is WorkInNonProfits.ca?

WorkInNonProfits.ca is a job posting platform that enables nonprofit organizations in Canada to source suitable candidates for paid and volunteer positions.

What does it cost to post a job on WorkInNonProfits.ca?

WorkInNonProfits.ca does not charge to post jobs on their platform. However, certain companies or agencies may be required to pay a small fee per post. Interested individuals should contact the company for additional information.

How can I edit a WorkInNonProfits.ca job posting?

To edit your WorkInNonProfits.ca job postings, simply log into your account through the website and select the posting that you would like to edit. Once you have opened the posting, you can start making changes.

How long will my job posting stay on WorkInNonProfits.ca?

Your job post will be visible for 180 days from the day it was published.

How can I delete a WorkInNonProfits.ca job posting?

Click on the posting in your list of active ads and then click "delete."

Does WorkInNonProfits.ca promote my job post on social media?

WorkInNonProfits.ca uses its website as a platform to advertise your job post but may share your vacancy on their social media.

Are there any guidelines for posting jobs at WorkInNonProfits.ca?

Yes, you can find suggestions and guidelines for posting jobs on WorkInNonProfits.ca in the FAQs section.

How do I create a WorkInNonProfits.ca account?

  1. Navigate to https://workinnonprofits.ca/.
  2. Click on the user icon at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click "Sign up."
  4. Enter your email and passphrase and click "Create My Account."

Can I put my company logo on my job post at WorkInNonProfits.ca?

No, company logos are not permitted on job posts.

Does WorkInNonProfits.ca assist employers with interviewing candidates?

No, WorkInNonProfits.ca does not offer any interview assistance to employers.

What types of jobs can I advertise on WorkInNonProfits.ca?

Only paid or volunteer jobs, as well as paid internships, related to the Canadian not-for-profit sector, may be posted on WorkInNonProfits.ca. These jobs may include, for example, volunteer, outreach coordinator, fundraiser, community outreach coordinator, and proposal writer roles.

What are some WorkInNonProfits.ca alternatives?

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