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HealthCareCAN excels at connecting leading hospitals with talented Canadian medical workers throughout the country. It has free and paid options but lacks a clear job posting process.

Because HealthCareCAN is a research organization first and a job board second, the job portal is not the focus of the company and lacks advanced features offered by competitors.


  • HealthCareCAN full members can list openings at no cost.
  • The job board attracts talented Canadian medical practitioners of diverse specializations.
  • The website is available in both English and French and jobs can be posted in either language.
  • Jobs can stay on the board indefinitely; they are only removed once the position has been filled.
  • Company logos can be added to job posts for increased brand awareness.
  • The job board is up to date and does not feature old or outdated posts.


  • There are no free posting options for HealthCareCAN associates or affiliate members.
  • There is no step-by-step job posting process on the website. Companies have to create an MS Word document for submission.
  • There are no advanced targeting options for finding talent in a specific city or province, or options to filter by skills.
  • No applicant tracking tools or advanced recruitment features are available.
  • Job openings are not shared on HealthCareCAN's social media channels.
  • HealthCareCAN's reach is fairly limited as it does not post jobs to other job boards.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the HealthCareCAN job board.

How to Post a Job on HealthCareCAN Job Board:

HealthCareCAN does not have an official job posting process on the website. Instead, companies need to create their own job advert in a Microsoft Word document and include a JPEG of their company logo. This document should be emailed to Alexandria Rowe.

HealthCareCAN Job Board vs. Healthcarejobs.ca:

Healthcarejobs.ca has a wider reach than HealthCareCAN as listings are also shared on its partner site, Jobs.ca, amplifying the posting's exposure. HealthCareCAN is only free to paying members, so it's not really free, but neither is Healthcarejobs.ca, which charges C$325.00. In comparison, HealthCareCAN's nonmember listing costs C$500.00.

HealthCareCAN Job Board vs. HealthJobHub:

HealthJobHub's pricing starts from C$325.00 per month, compared to HealthCareCAN's C$500.00 for a nonmember listing. HealthJobHub shares vacancies with other job portals, such as Jooble, maximizing its reach, which HealthCareCAN lacks. HealthJobHub offers superior branding options too but is not available in French.

HealthCareCAN Job Board vs. HealthcareJobsite:

HealthcareJobsite offers advanced recruiting features that HealthCareCAN lacks, such as targeted advertising, direct candidate texting, and more. Their starting price is US$199.00 per month, whereas HealthCareCAN charges C$500.00 for a nonmember listing. HealthcareJobsite is not available in French and pricing is only available in U.S. dollars.

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Legal Name



17 York St., Ste. 100, 3rd Fl., Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5S7




1(855) 236-0213




What is HealthCareCAN?

HealthCareCAN is a research and policy advocacy group that advances healthcare policy and research in Canada. They also host a job board that lists a wide range of medical worker positions.

What does it cost to post a job on the HealthCareCAN job board?

HealthCareCAN members can post jobs for free, but associate and affiliate members need to pay C$250.00 per post, while nonmembers are charged C$500.00 per post.

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