Things to Consider When Evaluating Healthcare Job Boards:

  1. Look for job boards that do more than just allow job searching and job listing. One that also offers resources for medical professionals, industry news, and useful tips for employers and employees will be more helpful.
  2. To fill specialized roles, list vacancies on healthcare job boards that target a specific medical sub-field.
  3. When it comes to pricing models, figure out which works best for you: per month or per job post pricing. A job board that offers multiple job postings for a monthly fee may ultimately cost less than a job board that charges a fee per job post.

Best Healthcare Job Boards:


From A$185.00 /post.

02. AusDoc.JOBS

From A$299.00 +GST /post.

03. HealthTimes

A$199.00 + GST /post.

04. ACRRM Jobs Board

From A$330.00 /post.

05. EthicalJobs

From A$160.00 +GST /post.

06. Nursingjobs

From A$150.00 /post.


Free and paid options.

08. Healthcare Careers

From US$199.00 /post.

09. SEEK

Paid options.

*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages. Non-Australian clients may be exempt from paying GST.


How do you recruit healthcare professionals?

  • Employers should conduct campus recruitment sessions at universities.
  • Posting vacancies on the best healthcare job boards is a good tactic.
  • Recruiters should provide and promote a more lucrative package than the competition.
  • Promoting younger workers from within is a cost-effective approach.

Where can I recruit healthcare professionals in Australia?

Try healthcare job boards such as HealthTimes or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine to find qualified healthcare professionals.

Are healthcare job ads more expensive than other fields?

They can be. In general, niche job boards for medical hiring will charge you for posting. Healthcare and medicine is a very competitive industry for hiring, so you may have to pay to advertise some of the more in-demand jobs. That said, there are still plenty of free medical job posting sites to try.

Can I post a healthcare job on social media and expect results?

It depends on a lot of things, but there's no harm in trying. We've written a guide with tips for social media recruiting that should be a big help. Advertising on social media can be especially effective because you can target people by profession.

Are there any suggestions on how I can post my healthcare job ads effectively?

When you're posting jobs in very competitive hiring markets, you've got to think of your potential applicants as customers that you're advertising to. Focus on what makes your job and your workplace the one they'll want to work for. Minimize requirements and qualifications down to the ones that are essential.

Where can I hire healthcare workers offline?

If online hiring isn't working, you might try putting the word out with your current employees, letting them know that you're hiring, and see if they can use their networks to refer employees. You might also try local universities and see if they have an alumni network where you can advertise your jobs.

How can I write an effective healthcare job post?

The key to all job posts, and this is even more important with very competitive hiring markets, is to focus on writing the post from the perspective of the applicant. Why should they work for you? What makes this job better than others? For more advice on this, see Betterteam's job posting template.

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