Best Job Boards for Women

Best Job Boards For Women

July 19th, 2019

Job boards for women are aimed specifically at helping women enter, re-enter, and scale their way up the workforce.

Female candidates will always be found on other job boards, but if you have a specific gender hiring-gap you are trying to address then women focused job boards are the best place to post your jobs.

Best Job Sites for Women:

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Women for Hire

This niche board focuses on a wide range of jobs for women, with companies including AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Staples and many more. It also provides articles full of useful tips to job seeking women.


Women's Job List

The Women's Job List director Ann Hughes is a nationally recognized speaker who specializes in business development and human resources. The site includes job postings from dozens of companies looking to fill more roles with women, including Sysco, Harvard University, Sears, the Transportation Security Administration and many more.


Women Who Code

Women Who Code, as the name suggests, is a great resource for women looking for jobs in the tech industry. It's especially great for women seeking jobs in software engineering and developing and web design.



Levo is a great network and job board for millennials (mainly female candidates) across the country.


Where Women Work

Where Women Work promotes apprenticeships, internships, graduate jobs, and mid-senior positions across the U.S. Join a database of over 115,000 professionals.and connect with top companies.


Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a popular job board and career site built exclusively for women. Aside from a curated job board, the site provides expert advice, online courses, and one-on-one mentoring to help women grow and succeed in their careers.


Job Board


Women for Hire

$75.00 per job posting (price reduces the more postings you purchase).

Women's Job List

Quote only.

Women Who Code

$199.00 - $1,299.00 per month, depending on the number of postings required.


$99.00 - $149.00 per job posting.

Where Women Work

Quote only.

Career Contessa

$100.00 per job posting.


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