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Why We Chose LinkedIn and Indeed:

Professional networking site LinkedIn has over 675 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. Clients can target specific groups of professional and semi-skilled individuals, regardless of whether they are actively searching for employment. Ad options include sponsored content on users' homepages, inbox messages, and more.

LinkedIn's self-service clients can control their spending by setting a daily budget, or by indicating what they would like to pay per click (CPC), for every 1,000 impressions (CPM), or for each message that is delivered to members' inboxes (CPS). Managed campaigns, in turn, are priced on a CPC or CPM basis.

While also not a professional-only job board, Indeed is another great option for those seeking highly qualified individuals. Employers can reach candidates in over 60 countries through free ads, or via paid ads priced from $5.00 per day. Once more, pricing is on a CPC basis, and expenditure will never exceed clients' stipulated budgets.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Professional Job Boards:

  1. To attract suitable candidates, you ought to target the appropriate pool of prospective applicants. Be sure to investigate the audience of each job board under consideration.

  2. The size of each audience, as well as their level of engagement, will directly impact the quality and quantity of responses that you receive.

  3. Sites that deliver job alerts could help to expand the reach of your advertising efforts.

Best Job Boards for Professionals:





Free and paid options.




From £150.00 /post.

4.Monster UK

From £130.00 /post.

5.CV Library

From £75.00 /post.

6.CW Jobs

From £249.00 /post.


From £350.00 /post.


From £74.00 /post.


From £239.00 /post.


From £150.00 /post.

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