Best Sales Job Boards

Best Sales Job Boards

July 19th, 2019

Sales job boards are great for finding experienced salespeople. Although many sales jobs are advertised on a variety of popular boards, using niche boards for this profession will help you find the ones who have been around long enough to know where to look for more focused opportunities.

Top Sales Job Boards:

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Sales Gravy

Even if you've never worked in sales, there's a chance you've heard of Sales Gravy. It's well known as the sales job board. You'll find thousands of jobs here from many employers, including Carmax, Century 21, Bank of America, Brother, Autozone and more. They've also got a terrific blog and podcast series that sales people will find invaluable.

2. is part of the Beyond job board network. It provides a large number of jobs - more than 83,000 on our last visit - and diverse employers and regions of the U.S. covered.



Dadomatch offers a very simple and straight forward website that makes it easy to quickly scroll through many jobs and see the essentials, including salary (if offered), company, location and industry at a glance.



Craigslist is a great place for finding local jobs and freelance work to make additional income. The site has begun charging for job postings in most regions, which has improved posting quality from a job seeker perspective, but it's no longer a free job posting site.



SalesTrax conveniently filters and matches interested and qualified job seekers to employers based on their job requirements automatically, creating a streamlined recruitment experience.



SalesClassifieds is a simple job posting site that enables employers and recruiters to post their job offerings for specific target areas and search for candidates through a resume database.


MedReps is a leading online resource for medical sales and medical representative positions. Job seekers can find medical rep jobs from leading companies and employers.



Rainmakers connects high-performing salespeople with great companies. Employers are able to browse candidate profiles for free and bid on candidates they like.


Sales Job Board


Sales Gravy


$199.00 - $499.00 per month, depending on the number of job postings required.




20% of a candidate's first year salary on successful placement.

$345.00 - $2,625.00 depending on the number of postings required.


$99.00 - $1,475.00 depending on the number of postings required.


$299.00 - $2,790 depending on the number of job postings required.


What are the best websites for sales professionals?

To source and recruit qualified sales professionals, check out Rainmakers,, and Dadomatch.

Learn more about the best sales job boards.

How do you post a sales job?

Post it to a sales job posting site, and use a job posting template.

See our guide to sales job boards for more information.

How do I find a good sales rep?

Focus on writing a detailed job description that includes information about sales commissions, bonuses, quotas, etc. This will help qualified candidates to determine if they really want to work for you.