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Rainmakers does not readily disclose pricing on its website. Contact them for a quote.


Rainmakers is an elite career hiring platform for tech sales professionals. The site does not host a traditional job board. It requires both job seekers and employers to apply to join the network before they can be matched with suitable employers or search for suitable candidates.

The platform only accepts high-quality candidates who can then create detailed profiles, which serve to showcase their achievements and define their hiring requirements. Employers can then browse profiles and bid on suitable candidates. Its exclusivity makes this platform an attractive place for finding top sales talent.


  • The site is highly exclusive — only top-performing sales professionals can join.
  • Employers can view detailed candidate profiles that include sales statistics and hiring requirements.
  • Employers can create a detailed company profile and highlight what makes their organization an attractive place to work.
  • ATS integrations are available on request.
  • Employers can request a printable hiring worksheet.


  • Rainmakers does not have a traditional job board.
  • There is no exposure to other sites.
  • There is a limited candidate pool to choose from.


We were unable to find any third-party reviews of Rainmakers. Testimonials on the site itself praise the quality of offers and the speed with which candidates are matched with suitable employers.

How to Join Rainmakers:

$0.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Join Rainmakers:

Four easy steps for joining Rainmakers.


Creating an employer profile on Rainmakers.


Go to rainmakers.co.

Go to rainmakers.co.

Navigate to the Rainmakers home page.


Click on “Employers.”

Click on “Employers.”

You will find “Employers” at the top of the page, next to the Rainmakers logo.


Request an invite.

Request an invite.

Click "Request an invite," the blue button in the middle of the page.


Fill in the online request form.

Fill in the online request form.

Fill in the online form including your business name, contact details, and hiring location.

Click on "Apply."

Rainmakers vs. Sales Trax:

Sales Trax, like Rainmakers, caters to a specific audience in the sales industry. Sales Trax is a job board for software sales jobs and allows job seekers to browse by job title or company. Both platforms offer detailed employer profiles but only Rainmakers maintains a database of qualified candidates.

Rainmakers vs. SalesHeads.com:

SalesHeads.com and Rainmakers are both recruitment sites for sales professionals but differ in their approach. SalesHead.com has a dedicated job board and allows employers to both post jobs and search a resume database. Rainmakers, on the other hand, has no job board but maintains an exclusive list of top performers who are matched with employers.

Rainmakers vs. SalesJobs.com:

SalesJobs.com offers a dedicated sales job board and lets employers access its resume bank. SalesJobs.com offers greater exposure than Rainmakers and caters to a much broader sales audience than Rainmakers, which is more exclusive and only lists top-performing tech sales professionals.

Key Information

Legal Name

Rainmaker Labs, Inc.


Mike Ferguson

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2017


181 2nd St., San Francisco, CA 94105




1 (415) 871-0751




What is Rainmakers?

Rainmakers is an exclusive hiring platform for top-performing tech sales professionals. Candidates can create detailed profiles that employers can view and are matched with suitable roles

How do I create an account on Rainmakers?

  1. Navigate to the Rainmakers home page.
  2. Click on “Employers” in the top left corner.
  3. Click on “Request an invite.”
  4. Enter your details.
  5. Click on “Apply.”

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