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Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in 2024:


Job Board



Eluta.ca is considered to be Canada's top job posting site. The site spiders jobs from across the web but also allows employers to post jobs directly on the job board. Posting is free with the option to sponsor a job post for more visibility.

2.Job Bank

Job Bank is a free job board created by the Canadian government. There are 15,000 registered employers on the site, which receives 5 million page views per month. The site also has a mobile app for added convenience.


TorontoJobs.ca is a job board for the Toronto area. Pricing starts at C$149.00 for a single job post, and the site offers a resume database, recruitment services, and email marketing campaigns. Job posts are also shared on other platforms.


Jobillico is a Canadian online recruiting platform. Employers need to submit their information and wait for a representative to respond before a job post can be created. The site has over 2 million users and receives 25 million page views a year.


Jobboom is a Quebec-based online job board. Pricing is provided to employers on a case-by-case basis. The site offers access to resumes and targeted email campaigns.

6.Kijiji Jobs

Kijiji is a free Canadian job board that allows employers to post region-specific job listings. The site offers paid plans that improve the rankings of job posts in search results.


TalentEgg is a Canadian job board that connects employers with Gen Z and Y job seekers. The site is designed for entry-level positions and internships. Pricing starts at C$287.00, and plans include an applicant tracking system as well as social media integration.


JobisJob is a general job board with nearly 5 million jobs posted by over 140,000 companies. Employers receive email alerts when candidates apply to jobs, and posts appear in premium positions in Google search results.


Jobvertise is a free, international job board. Upgrades are available to allow employers to post featured job postings and access resumes. Featured jobs are sent to the site's mailing list, and employers are able to receive resume upload alerts.


While Careerjet was launched in France, it has become a prominent job board in Canada. The site aggregates jobs from across the internet, but employers can also post jobs directly. It costs C$130.00 to post a job to the site.


Despite having been founded in the U.S., Craigslist expanded into Canada shortly after its launch and offers dedicated pages for regions in the country. Craigslist has a free posting option, but the site's pricing starts from C$10.00 for a listing in certain areas.


CareerBuilder launched a dedicated Canadian site for job seekers and employers in the Great White North. Pricing starts at C$489.00 for one post, and there are several useful features, such as access to the resume database and an applicant management system.

13.College Recruiter

College Recruiter is a job board for posting internships and other student jobs. The site's recruitment campaign package starts from US$2,500.00. A useful feature that employers can purchase is targeted email alerts to job seekers.


JobsInLogistics.com is a Canadian logistics job board. Pricing starts at US$335.00 for a single job post, with discounts available when purchasing more than one post. Additional packages are on offer to access resumes. The site also offers employer branding.


Indeed is the largest online job board with employers and job seekers from around the world choosing to use the site. It is free to post a job, but employers have the option to sponsor a job post for more visibility.


Talent.com is an international job board that features jobs from 65 different countries. It is free to post a job, with the option to sponsor posts for more visibility. Over 48 million job seekers are emailed job alerts daily.


Monster is one of the largest online job boards. The platform offers paid job posting options, and plans include candidate matching as well as job alert emails. Employers can also pay for the ability to contact candidates directly.


LinkedIn is a professional social network that allows employers to advertise jobs on the site. There are a number of advertising plans on offer, including a pay-per-click option. There are also more direct recruitment tools, such as being able to target LinkedIn users with sponsored ads.


Wellfound is a tech job board and network. The site connects startups with candidates who are able to work remotely or on-site. Wellfound offers free and paid plans, and Canadian jobs are featured on a region-specific job board.

20.Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a free service offered by Google. To have a job posting appear in Google search results, the HTML must be structured so that it can be indexed by Google. There are several job posting sites that do this automatically.


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Posting a job listing on Facebook is considered a more passive way to find candidates, since the site is not commonly used as a job board.

22.We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a remote job board that was founded in Canada. The site charges US$299.00 per post with upgrades, such as job highlights and logo displays. The site has an audience size of about 350,000, and businesses such as Ladders have used the site for hiring.


Coroflot is a job board for creative professionals such as designers, 3D modelers, and architects. A single job post costs US$295.00 and is active for 90 days. Employers can browse through candidates' creative portfolios and contact them directly.


Dice is an international job board that features positions in the technology industry. Pricing starts at US$495.00 for a single job post, but discounts are available for multiple job post purchases. The site offers features such as candidate matching and a candidate screening system.


Nexxt is a general job board with an audience of over 85 million job seekers. Pricing starts at US$199.00 for a job post, with discounts available for multiple job post purchases.


Snagajob is an online job board with a focus on hourly jobs. The job board features mainly retail positions but any hourly vacancy can be posted. The site assists with shift scheduling and screening applicants.


Dribbble hosts a job board for the creative industry. Both monthly and annual job posting plans are available, with monthly plans starting at US$150.00. Employers can advertise their businesses on the site without posting a job. The site also offers a powerful tool for finding candidates.


Malakye is a niche professional networking community and job board that caters to job seekers interested in the outdoor and lifestyle industries. Prominent companies such as Nike, Puma, and Harley-Davidson have used the site to hire candidates.


AllRetailJobs.com is a retail job board with 250,000 monthly visitors. It costs US$335.00 for a single job slot, with discounts for multiple post purchases and a custom plan on offer. Employers have access to a database of over 1.5 million job seekers, and the site offers a free candidate tracker.


Cleverism is an international, general job board. The site has a database of more than 400,000 resumes, and employers are able to create branded company profiles for free. While the site is mainly visited by job seekers from the U.S., a fair number of visitors are from Canada.


How do I find out where to post jobs to get the best candidates?

  1. Google the job title.
  2. Click on the top job board results.
  3. Check a few job posts and see if they are relevant.
  4. Check the job board categories that match your industry.
  5. Balance the cost of posting against your budget.
  6. Test out one job post using the cheapest posting method.
  7. If candidate quality and quantity are good, continue using the site.

What are the largest job posting websites for employers?

Indeed is currently the largest job board online internationally, while Eluta.ca may be considered one of the most popular job boards in Canada. However, the largest job board may not be the best option for your business. Niche roles and highly competitive roles are best posted on smaller, niche job boards. The best site to post jobs for your business will constantly change, so keep an eye on candidate quality and quantity.

What are the benefits of hiring websites?

Failing to promote job openings widely enough is the most common mistake businesses make when hiring. Only posting a vacancy on your website or in your storefront window limits your available candidate pool. Work out who the best job posting sites and job hiring sites are for your business and post your job there to promote them more widely.

How do I find job listing websites that focus on my industry?

Asking recent hires which job listing websites and job recruiting websites they visit is the best place to start. Eluta.ca, for example, is a large job posting site with a substantial pool of candidates, but the best website for job postings may actually be a small, local job board specific to your industry and location.

Are the best job listing sites the most expensive ones?

Often, they are. There are thousands of job posting boards, job posting sites, and hiring websites for employers. The cost to post a single job can vary, so the best hiring websites are constantly competing. To justify charging hundreds of dollars for one job post they really have to deliver great candidates quickly.

What is the best alternative to posting job openings online?

Posting your job opening to online job sites is a great first step to getting the word out about your vacancies. Also consider leveraging your existing employees and setting up an employee referral system that rewards them for introducing people they know to your company. You may also want to check out these candidate sourcing tools.

Where do most companies post jobs?

Most companies will approach general job boards when posting vacancies. A few global job boards that are popular include LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster.

What job sites do Canadian employers use most?

Indeed is among the most used global job boards, while Eluta.ca, Job Bank, and TorontoJobs.ca are commonly used local job boards.

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