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Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in 2024:





SEEK is a prominent Australian job board with a reported 26 million job seekers visiting the site monthly. Employers have access to an applicant management system, the site's resume database, and email scheduling.


Jora is a free, global job board that was founded in Australia. The site aggregates jobs from the internet, but employers can also post up to 10 jobs for free each month.

3.Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia is a job board that was created by the Australian government. It is completely free to use and offers tips on recruitment and skills training. Jobs from all industries can be posted on the site.


CareerOne is a general job board that is owned by Monster. It is free to post a job, but credits need to be purchased to download resumes, invite candidates to apply to your job, or view candidate profiles.

5.ArtsHub Jobs

ArtsHub is a job board for the creative industry. Businesses such as the Sydney Opera House, Arts Centre Melbourne, and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre have used the site for hiring. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple job posts.

6.Gumtree Jobs

Gumtree Jobs is a classifieds website that allows users to post items for sale or advertise jobs for free. The site has a built-in applicant tracking system and offers an account manager to assist with hiring.


Indeed is the largest online job board, with localized sites for almost every country. Posting is free, with the option to sponsor a post for more visibility.


LinkedIn is a social networking platform for making professional connections. The site allows employers to advertise jobs or send targeted ads to specific groups of people. There are several recruitment plans available to suit a wide variety of hiring needs.


Facebook is a social networking platform that allows employers to create business pages and advertise jobs there. The site also has advertising campaign tools to help posts receive more exposure. In addition, there is a job tab to help job seekers browse vacancies more easily.


Craigslist is a classifieds website with a global reach. It is free to post a job on the site, and employers benefit from the site's large audience. It is also free to search resumes.


CareerBuilder is a global online job board. Pricing starts at US$349.00 per month and the site integrates with over 70 applicant tracking systems. CareerBuilder also offers a candidate ranking system.


Dribbble is a job board for creative positions, particularly in design. Employers are able to post vacancies or freelance projects, with pricing starting at US$150.00 per month for one job listing. Employers can also pay a fee to browse through the site's pool of designers.


Coroflot is a job board for creative positions in several fields. Pricing starts at US$295.00 for a single job post, with discounts available when purchasing more than one job slot. All plans include a basic search tool to find candidates and an international salary guide.


Careerjet aggregates jobs from around the world and translates posts into 28 languages. Employers may pay to have their job posts featured more favorably, and it is also possible to post a job directly to the site. Careerjet also grants access to its resume database.

15.We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job board strictly for remote positions. The flat rate for a job post is US$299.00 per post, but upgraded plans are available for more features and added visibility. Job posts can be shared on social media, and add-ons to include employer branding are available.


Wellfound is a website dedicated to connecting tech startups with investors and job seekers. There is a local version of the site for Australians. It is free to post a job and manage applicants.

17.Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a tech job board based in the U.S. Despite this, the site features jobs from around the world, including Australia. Pricing starts at US$149.00 for a single, standard job listing. All plans include job post sharing on social media.


Jobvertise is an international job board that offers free and paid job posting plans. All plans include access to the site's resume database. Certain paid plans include features such as distributing job posts to the platform's mailing list and appearing first in search results.


JobisJob is an international job board with a dedicated page for Australian jobs. Pricing starts at US$50.00 for two job posts, and discounts are available when purchasing multiple job slots. Employers are able to receive resumes directly to their inboxes.


Cleverism is a general job board that serves an international audience. Employers need to contact the site for job post pricing information, but it is free to create a company profile. Cleverism has over 100,000 unique site visitors daily.


Malakye is a job board for positions in the outdoor and lifestyle industries. The site has a large audience, considering that it is a niche job board. Pricing starts at US$325.00 for a single job post, and employers are able to create detailed company profiles.

Find out how Indeed and SEEK stack up against each other in our detailed comparison of the two leading job portals.


How do I work out where to post jobs to get the best candidates?

  1. Google the job title.
  2. Click on the top job board results.
  3. Check a few job posts and see if they are relevant.
  4. Check the job board categories that match your industry.
  5. Balance the cost of posting against your budget.
  6. Test out one job post using the cheapest posting method.
  7. If candidate quality and quantity are good, continue using the site.

What are the largest job posting websites for employers?

Indeed is currently the largest international job board, but SEEK is one of the largest job boards in Australia. However, the largest job board may not be the best option for your business. Niche roles and highly competitive roles are best posted on smaller, niche job boards. The best site to post jobs for your business will constantly change, so keep an eye on candidate quality and quantity.

What are the benefits of hiring websites?

Failing to promote job openings widely enough is the most common mistake businesses make when hiring. Only posting a vacancy on your website or in your storefront window limits your available candidate pool. Work out who the best job posting sites and job hiring sites are for your business and post your job there to promote them more widely.

How do I find job listing websites that focus on my industry?

Asking recent hires which job listing websites and job recruiting websites they visit is the best place to start. Indeed and SEEK are large job posting sites with lots of candidates, but the best website for job postings may actually be a small, local job board specific to your industry and location.

Are the best job listing sites the most expensive ones?

Often, they are. There are thousands of job posting boards, job posting sites, and hiring websites for employers. The best hiring websites are constantly competing, so to justify charging hundreds of dollars for one job post they really have to deliver great candidates quickly.

What is the best alternative to posting job openings online?

Posting your job opening to online job sites is a great first step to getting the word out about your vacancies. Also consider leveraging your existing employees and setting up an employee referral system that rewards them for introducing people they know to your company. You may also want to check out these candidate sourcing tools.

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