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Workforce Australia is a general job board that's dedicated to the Australian job market. Contracted by the Australian Government, Workforce Australia provides employers and job seekers alike with a range of helpful recruitment resources, such as tips, veterans employment assistance, corporate profiles, recruitment providers, and free job postings.


  • Workforce Australia is completely free to use.
  • Employer services include tips on recruitment, skills training, financial incentives, and more.
  • Workforce Australia is dedicated to the Australian job market, which helps filter the candidate pool and streamline the hiring process.
  • Employers can advertise a range of jobs on Workforce Australia, including trades, finance, and law, among others.
  • Workforce Australia has a jobseeker app that potentially increases the candidate pool.
  • The website provides access to resources and data trends that help employers identify hiring trends.
  • Workforce Australia's candidate database includes over 100,000 registered job seekers.
  • Employers can search Workforce Australia's candidate database by job title and location.
  • The platform offers advanced features, including candidate screening and access to candidate training courses.
  • Workforce Australia helps employers market their brands and promote their social media platforms.


  • The job board is limited to the Australian job market.
  • Workforce Australia services are only available to those who meet the site's requirements.
  • The platform does not offer an applicant tracking service.
  • You must have "Custom" or "Full" agency access to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations in order to access Workforce Australia.


We were unable to find online reviews of Workforce Australia. However, while flying under the jobactive name, the service was cited for its poor performance, allegations of harassment, and inefficient practices.

That said, we did find a newspaper article that stated the current Workforce Australia service is set to be reviewed by the Federal Employment Minister's house select. This comes after accusations that its mutual responsibilities have been described as excessive and confusing.


Workforce Australia is free for employers and job searchers to use because it is a service provided by the Government of Australia.

How to Add Jobs on Workforce Australia:

  1. Go to Workforce Australia's home page and click on "Businesses" in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down the page and click on "Advertise a job."
  3. Click on "Sign in or register" and follow the prompts to create an account.
  4. Once you've registered an account, you can create and publish your job advertisement.

Workforce Australia vs. SEEK:

The primary difference between SEEK and Workforce Australia is their reach, with SEEK offering better exposure. Additionally, while SEEK is a paid service, Workforce Australia is completely free and includes robust features, such as business profiles and branding, social media promotion, and access to a candidate database.

Workforce Australia vs. Jora:

While both Jora and Workforce Australia are free job boards, the former is limited to 100 free job ads per month, with the option to repost jobs after 28 days if unsuccessful. In comparison, Workforce Australia is 100% free and includes features missing from Jora's service, including a business profile, training courses, and financial incentives.

Workforce Australia vs. uWorkin:

Workforce Australia and uWorkin both cater to the Australian job market. While the two competitors have similar offerings, including a candidate database, Workforce Australia stands out as the more robust platform for its price range, and it offers a mobile app, a feature missing from uWorkin.

Key Information

Legal Name

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Founding Date

July 04, 2022



13 17 15



What is the Workforce Australia program?

Workforce Australia is an employment service that's contracted by the Australian Government. The platform is 100% free for employers, with complete access to a candidate database, a job board, resources, and other hiring tools.

Where can I find the Workforce Australia employer login?

  1. Navigate to Workforce Australia's home page.
  2. Click on "Businesses" in the top-right corner.
  3. On the following page, click on "Sign in or register."

What are some Workforce Australia alternatives?

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