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Best Sourcing Tools:





A comprehensive talent management platform that employs AI to deliver candidate recommendations.


A platform with a large database of candidates that automates candidate sourcing and engagement processes.


Provides a range of outbound recruiting tools, including EZ Sourcing, which uses AI to access a talent pool of more than 800 million candidates across more than 45 platforms, including LinkedIn, GitHub, and CareerBuilder.


A recruiting automation platform that features a sourcing extension tool that captures candidate information on the web and employs automated applicant sorting algorithms to filter candidates.


Offers a wide array of AI-powered solutions to source, track, and manage talent, including offerings tailored to specific industry sectors.


AI-powered recruiting software for sourcing hard-to-find technical talent. Solutions include talent search, optimization, and analytics.


A global networking platform for professionals that offers an extensive talent pool and features a range of hiring tools recruiters and employers can use to source and engage with candidates.


A talent acquisition solution that integrates directly with candidate databases and automatically tracks every touchpoint along the talent pipeline.


A global technology platform for managing recruitment agency hiring that uses a scoring algorithm to match employers with the best agencies to fill open roles.

Types of Sourcing Tools:

There are several different types of tools recruiters can use to find candidates. Leading candidate sourcing software programs may incorporate several tools or provide the means to manage sourcing activities efficiently, as well as make use of AI and supply an applicant tracking system to help recruiters streamline their talent sourcing process.

Resume databases.

Scouring large resume databases is among the most common methods for proactively finding candidates. Boolean search and detailed filters are key to speeding up the process of identifying profiles that match recruiters' criteria in vast databases.

Social media and networking sites.

Social media platforms, professional networking sites, and talent hubs where candidates showcase their work present another lucrative route for recruiters in search of top talent. Facebook and LinkedIn are natural go-to sites, while creative hubs and talent marketplaces, such as Behance and Dribbble, are good options for sourcing design professionals.

Email-finding tools.

There are instances when recruiters identify candidates who may be a great fit but don't have any contact details. Perhaps an industry publication drew their attention to a particular individual or word of mouth delivered some great tips. In cases such as these, an email-finding tool can prove incredibly useful.

Referral programs.

Typically incentive-driven, referral programs deliver candidate suggestions from current employees. As employees are familiar with the company's work culture and environment, they are in a good position to judge whether someone may be a great fit for the company and may present recruiters with valuable referrals.

Recruiting events.

Hosting recruiting events and attending career fairs, whether in-person or virtually, allows companies to showcase their employer brand and engage with industry professionals and potential candidates. These events also serve to nurture a talent pool that recruiters can turn to when new vacancies need to be filled.


What is a sourcing tool?

A sourcing tool is a software application that helps employers and recruiters find potential employees. Sourcing solutions often employ machine learning to some degree and include applicant tracking systems (ATS), collaboration tools, mobile recruiting tools, location technology, candidate matching, and applications to facilitate video interviews.

What are sourcing techniques?

Recruitment sourcing strategies refer to the methods organizations and recruiters use to identify potential candidates for specific roles. Recruiters often employ several different recruitment techniques, such as posting jobs online and searching candidate databases, as part of their sourcing strategy.

How do recruiters source candidates for jobs?

Recruiters search for potential hires by collecting their information, for instance, resumes and work samples. They also build relationships with candidates and inform them about job openings. Various software applications are helpful in this process.

How do you source candidates online?

  • Post jobs online.
  • Get referrals.
  • Go to career fairs.
  • Attend recruiter networking events.
  • Consider your existing pool of candidates.
  • Make use of social media.
  • Tap into recruiting networks.

What is a recruiting sourcing strategy?

A recruitment sourcing strategy is an approach an organization or recruiter follows to identify potential candidates for a given job opening. Sourcing strategies often incorporate various recruitment techniques, for instance making use of social media. Software applications are helpful in this process.

How do you promote hiring?

You can use a range of recruitment techniques, for instance going to career fairs, posting jobs online, and getting referrals.

What are sourcing tools?

Sourcing tools are software applications that search through profiles, resumes, or other data about candidates. This helps hiring managers and recruiters find potential employees proactively. Examples of sourcing tools include Fetcher and Avature.

How can we improve sourcing?

  • Use software applications.
  • Don’t spend more than a quarter of your recruiting efforts on job postings.
  • Don't be too reliant on traditional Boolean direct sourcing.
  • Spend half of your recruiting efforts on pre-qualified direct sourcing.

What are the recruiting tools that sourcing experts won't work without?

LinkedIn has become a key sourcing tool recruiters will often turn to first. Tools for digging up contact information are also essential, as well as a deep resume database.

Are there any free candidate sourcing tools that you can suggest for me?

Twitter is one of the great free recruiting sourcing tools. A lot of people put their position information in their bio, and their profile may lead you to other sources of information about them. LinkedIn can be good at the free level if you've got a big network.

AngelList, StackOverflow, Sourcing.io, HackerRank, and AngularJobs.com are some popular recruiter sourcing tools in this field.

Is LinkedIn a sourcing tool?

Yes, employers and recruiters can use LinkedIn to find and engage with candidates.

What is the best sourcing platform?

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