Sourcing Tools

9 Tools Listed with Prices, Average Ratings, and Common Questions Answered

Sourcing Tools
Learn more about top sourcing tools for recruiting employees, with pricing, average user ratings and answers to common questions.

Last updated December 20th, 2017

Sourcing tools are software applications that help hiring managers and recruiters find potential employees proactively by searching through profiles, resumes, or other data about candidates. Sourcing tools may also help with collecting information on potential candidates and contacting them.

Best Sourcing Tools:

Software Name Minimum Price Average Rating
Beamery $75.00 5.0
Entelo $500.00 3.5
Talentbin $500.00 3.0
Hunter $0.00 5.0
Avature n/a 5.0
HiringSolved $50.00 n/a $199.00 n/a
Twitter $0.00 n/a
LinkedIn $59.99 n/a

Sourcing Tools FAQs:

Are there recruiting tools sourcing experts won't work without?

The most obvious sourcing tool is LinkedIn. Everyone uses it, and it's sort of obvious, but it's essential. Tools for digging up contact information are also essential, as well as a deep resume database.

Are there any free candidate sourcing tools?

Twitter is one of the great free recruiting sourcing tools. A lot of people put their position information in their bio, and their profile may lead you to other sources of information about them. Hunter is great for gathering contact information. LinkedIn can be good at the free level, if you've got a big network.

What are recommended sourcing tools for recruiters looking for software developers?

This is a tough field to be recruiting in. AngelList, StackOverflow,, HackerRank, and are some popular recruiter sourcing tools in this field.