Job Posting: Standard


Job Posting: Premium


Job Posting: Featured


Organisation Packages: Small

A$350.00 +GST /yr.

Organisation Packages: Medium

A$800.00 +GST /yr.

Organisation Packages: Large

A$1,300.00 +GST /yr.


ArtsHub is a leading online resource for the Australian arts community, featuring industry news, grant information, educational resources, and a job board. The site attracts more than 130,000 unique monthly page visits, and employers can use the membership-based platform to reach an engaged audience of more than 50,000 email subscribers.

Employers have a choice of three job posting plans, with discounts available to members. While the site offers access to a highly targeted local audience, it features limited recruitment tools and is rather costly.


  • All job postings include company logos.
  • Premium and featured job postings are included in the ArtsHub Careers and Jobs newsletter on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Featured job postings are also visible to nonmembers, reaching a wider audience than standard and premium postings.
  • The ArtsHub Careers and Jobs newsletter reaches more than 50,000 qualified arts workers.
  • Employers get discounts on job postings with ArtsHub's organization membership plans.
  • The ArtsHub website attracts more than 130,000 unique monthly page views.


  • Job posts are not shared on social media or on other job boards.
  • The site's recruitment features are limited, lacking ATS integrations, a resume database, and candidate management tools.
  • ArtsHub's job postings are far costlier than some local alternatives, such as Mumbrella Jobs and Pedestrian Jobs.


We were unable to find any online reviews of ArtsHub's job board.

ArtsHub Jobs vs. 99designs:

Both 99designs and ArtsHub Jobs are platforms for creative professionals. Both sites are based in Australia but cater to an international market. While 99designs — a creative marketplace — is truly global, ArtsHub — which hosts a traditional job board — is primarily directed at users in Australia and the U.K.

ArtsHub Jobs vs. Mumbrella Jobs:

Like ArtsHub Jobs, Mumbrella Jobs is a local platform for the creative industry. While ArtsHub Jobs is a comprehensive online resource for the arts sector, Mumbrella Jobs is a media and marketing-focused job board. While Mumbrella Jobs offers a free job posting service, ArtsHub Jobs' pricing starts at A$302.50 per post.

ArtsHub Jobs vs SEEK:

While SEEK is a general job board that reaches an incredibly large local audience, ArtsHub Jobs is a niche site that reaches a smaller, but highly targeted audience of professionals. SEEK offers a better range of recruitment tools than ArtsHub Jobs, including a searchable candidate database and candidate management tools.

Key Information

Legal Name

Arts Hub Australia Pty Ltd.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2000


Level 3, 33 Guildford Ln., Melbourne, VIC 3000



03 96053800



What is ArtsHub?

ArtsHub is an Australian-based platform for professionals working in or aspiring to enter the film, television or screen-based industry.

What does it cost to post a job on ArtsHub's job board?

ArtsHub Job's pricing starts at A$302.50 per job post. Employers can get discounts on job postings with an organization membership.

How can I edit an ArtsHub job posting?

To edit your ArtsHub job postings, log in to your member account and open the postings one by one. You can change any of the information that you need to change and then save the posting.

How do I create an ArtsHub account?

Click the "BECOME A MEMBER" button on the home page and follow the prompts.

How do I get discounted listings with ArtsHub Jobs?

ArtsHub Jobs offers an organization membership option that allows you to post multiple listings, with 20%, 30%, and 40% discounts on listings, depending on the plan. To apply for an organization membership, click on "JOIN TODAY" below your chosen package on the ArtsHub website and follow the prompts.

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