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ArtsHub is an Australia-based platform for creative professionals. The U.K.-specific page features localized resources and a job board. Employers have a choice of three job posting plans and membership options that afford discounts on paid listings. Premium and featured job listings are included in a weekly newsletter for increased visibility.

ArstHub's job posting plans are costly compared to some of its U.K.-based competitors. With only a small local footprint and limited recruitment tools, there are certainly more cost-effective platforms U.K. employers can use to reach a local niche audience.


  • All job postings include company logos for increased brand awareness.
  • Premium and featured job postings are included in a weekly newsletter every Monday.
  • Featured job postings are also visible to nonmembers, reaching a wider audience than standard and premium postings.
  • Employers get discounts on job postings with ArtsHub's organization membership plans.
  • Pricing is available in pounds sterling.


  • ArtsHub's U.K. website attracts less traffic than its Australian counterpart.
  • Job posts are not shared on social media or on other job boards.
  • The site's recruitment features are limited, lacking ATS integrations, a resume database, and candidate management tools.
  • ArtsHub's job postings are far costlier than some local alternatives, including Design Jobs Board and If You Could Jobs.
  • Customer support is only available via an online contact form.


We were unable to find any online reviews of ArtsHub's job board.

ArtsHub Jobs vs. Design Jobs Board:

Like ArtsHub Jobs, Design Jobs Board is a niche platform for creative professionals. Unlike ArtsHub Jobs, Design Jobs Board is solely a job board and does not feature industry-related resources. Between the two sites, Design Jobs Board is the more affordable option and offers a wider range of posting plans.

ArtsHub Jobs vs. If You Could Jobs:

Both ArtsHub Jobs and If You Could Jobs target job seekers in the U.K.'s creative industries, but only ArtsHub Jobs features industry-related resources. While If You Could Jobs' basic job posting option does not include company logos — something all ArtsHub Job's postings include — it is the more affordable option at £125.00 per post.

ArtsHub Jobs vs. British Creative Jobs:

While both platforms target the U.K. creative industry, British Creative Jobs offers employers greater reach through its affiliation with the popular U.K. job board CV-Library. Unlike ArtsHub Jobs, British Creative Jobs offers a searchable CV database, along with a wider range of competitively priced posting plans.

Key Information

Legal Name

Arts Hub Australia Pty Ltd.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2000


Level 3, 33 Guildford Ln., Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia




00 61 3 9605 3800




What is ArtsHub?

ArtsHub is an Australian-based platform for professionals working in or aspiring to enter the film, television, or screen-based industry.

What does it cost to post a job on ArtsHub's job board?

ArtsHub Job's pricing starts at £150.00 per job post. Employers can get discounts on job postings with an organization membership.

How can I edit an ArtsHub job posting?

To edit your ArtsHub job postings, log in to your member account and open the postings one by one. You can change any of the information that you need to change and then save the posting.

How do I create an ArtsHub account?

Click on the "BECOME A MEMBER" button on the home page and follow the prompts.

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