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Grapevine Jobs is an online platform and job posting site for skilled professionals to connect with employers in Australia’s screen industries. The site enables employers to post jobs in a niche market to attract qualified candidates. Vacancies in all fields related to the film industry, from teaching to production, are advertised on the job board.


  • The site provides access to a network of uniquely qualified candidates in the TV, film, and broadcast media industries.
  • Job posts are shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Wellfound for increased visibility.
  • Job posts are categorized by location and type which improves the visibility of placements in specialized fields.
  • Premium job postings allow for greater visibility of ads and are published immediately.
  • Casual, freelance, and full-time positions can be advertised.
  • Ads older than five days can be bumped to the top of the list by boosting them.


  • Jobs are live for an unlimited period of time and will only be removed after six months.
  • Only users with Premium Employer accounts can add their company logos to their job posts.


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A$90.00 +GST

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Grapevine Jobs vs. ScreeHub Jobs:

Grapevine Jobs and ScreenHub Jobs are both leading job boards for the film and TV industry in Australia. While Grapevine Jobs places standard job posts for free on all its online platforms, ScreenHub advertises basic ads on its website only at A$181.50 per post.

Grapevine Jobs vs. ArtsHub Jobs:

While ArtsHub is a website that publishes arts-related news, events, and job opportunities, Grapevine Jobs is a niche job site for the film and TV industry in Australia. Of the two, only Grapevine Jobs offers a free job posting plan, and its paid packages start at A$90.00 +GST. By contrast, ArtsHub Jobs charges A$302.50 per post.

Grapevine Jobs vs. SEEK:

While SEEK is a well-known general job board in Australia, Grapevine Jobs primarily lists creative roles. Grapevine Jobs' posts remain active on the site for up to six months, while SEEK's posts are only active for 30 days. While Grapevine Jobs has a free job posting plan, SEEK has varied pricing that's dependent on the job title's location.

Key Information

Legal Name

Five Bees Media Pty Ltd


Matthew Heyes

Founding Date

Aug 01, 2020




What does it cost to post a job on Grapevine Jobs?

Grapevine Jobs has a free job posting option, while featured ads can be placed from A$90.00 +GST per post.

How do I delete a job post on Grapevine Jobs?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on "Manage Ads" on your dashboard.
  3. Select the job post you would like to remove and click on "delete."

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