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CareerBuilder's Canadian platform is part of an international network of job posting sites and connects employers in Canada with candidates across the country. While employers pay to list jobs, job seekers can upload their resumes and apply to posts for free.

Employers benefit from an integrated recruiting platform and access to an extensive resume database. While the site offers an appealing user interface and a range of valuable features, it is quite expensive compared to better-trafficked local alternatives such as Job Bank and Indeed.


  • CareerBuilder features a searchable resume database.
  • The site's Canada-specific portal is bilingual, with both English and French translations available.
  • Job seekers can search for jobs abroad through the international jobs section and partner sites that cover multiple regions.
  • Employers can choose from three job posting packages and a monthly subscription to the resume database.
  • Pricing is listed in Canadian dollars.


  • CareerBuilder does not offer a free plan or trial.
  • The site attracts lower volumes of local traffic than popular alternatives like Job Bank and Talent.com.
  • CareerBuilder is far more expensive than other Canadian job posting sites, such as Eluta.ca and Indeed.


CareerBuilder has been rated 1.4 stars based on more than 110 reviews on Sitejabber. Several users complained about receiving spam emails and calls, and some employers felt that they paid a lot only to receive poor candidate matches.

On Quora, CareerBuilder received mixed reviews, with some citing success and others claiming that it has lost its competitive edge.

How to Post a Job on CareerBuilder:

489.00 CAD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CareerBuilder:

Five easy steps for posting a job on CareerBuilder's Canadian portal.


Posting a job on CareerBuilder.


Go to the CareerBuilder website.

Go to the CareerBuilder website.

Navigate to the Canadian CareerBuilder website.


Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job" toward the top-right corner of the screen.


Choose your package.

Choose your package.

Scroll down and select the package you wish to purchase. Then, click on the "Buy now" button.


Confirm your purchase.

Confirm your purchase.

Review the products in your cart and click on "Checkout" to proceed.


Enter your payment details.

Enter your payment details.

Sign in or fill in your company name, email, and payment details to create an account. Once you've made the purchase, you can go on to create and post your job ad.

CareerBuilder vs. Job Bank:

While CareerBuilder is an international brand with a country-specific website for Canada, Job Bank is an employment portal that only caters to the Canadian market. Unlike CareerBuilder, Job Bank is completely free to use. The site is also very well-visited by job seekers in Canada, making it the preferable option for local recruiting.

CareerBuilder vs. Eluta.ca:

Unlike CareerBuilder, Eluta.ca offers both free and paid job posting options, with the paid options also being more affordable than CareerBuilder's posting plans. However, compared to CareerBuilder, Eluta.ca has an incredibly underwhelming feature profile, lacking a resume database and company profiles.

CareerBuilder vs. Monster:

CareerBuilder and Monster are similar in that they are both international job portals that feature a country-specific page for Canada. They offer a similar range of features, including a resume database, paid job postings, and candidate matching. However, they differ in their pricing, with CareerBuilder being the costlier of the two.

Key Information

Legal Name

CareerBuilder, LLC.


Robert J. McGovern

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1995


130 W. Adelaide St., Ste. 800 Toronto, ON M5H 3P5






What does CareerBuilder Canada offer?

CareerBuilder's Canadian website is a job posting site that Canadian employers can use to post employment opportunities across the country. Employers can also access a resume database to find suitable candidates for their jobs.

Job seekers can upload their resumes free of charge and browse for local and international jobs. The site is a subsidiary of CareerBuilder.com and works in conjunction with partner sites across multiple regions, including Europe and Asia.

Is CareerBuilder any good?

CareerBuilder has great features, such as millions of unique job seekers, monthly and annual job posting packages, 140 million resumes and profiles in an accessible database, and an applicant tracking system. However, there aren't any free plans, the best features cost more, and the site's reputation isn't the best these days.

Does CareerBuilder cost money?

CareerBuilder's Canadian portal is free for job seekers. For employers, CareerBuilder offers job posting packages starting from C$489.00.

How do I delete my CareerBuilder account?

  1. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Go to "Related Settings."
  4. Click on "Remove Your Account."

How do I contact CareerBuilder?

To contact CareerBuilder, call 1-647-288-8968.

What are some alternatives to CareerBuilder?

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