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Why We Choose Workopolis, Healthcarejobs.ca, and CanadaJobs.com:

Workopolis is our top choice because it is offers added value through its affiliation with Indeed, such as free job postings to Indeed, along with a host of resources for job seekers and customized recruitment solutions for employers. The platform attracts more than a million monthly views and is available in both English and French.

Healthcarejobs.ca is our second-best option for finding medical professionals. It is a niche career site for health care and related jobs in Canada that offers a range of tools and resources for job seekers, attracting almost seven thousand monthly visitors.

CanadaJobs.com is another great platform for finding health care professionals in Canada. The job board offers a dedicated medical and health category, making it easy for job seekers to browse career opportunities. Employers can post jobs for free and listings stay online for up to 60 days.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Healthcare Job Posting Sites:

  1. A healthcare job posting site can do more than list jobs and source candidates. Find a site that offers more value, like useful tips for employers and employees, resources for medical professionals, an applicant tracking system, and industry news.
  2. Employers looking for a specialized medical role, such as a surgeon, might want to list the position on a healthcare job posting site that looks for specialized medical practitioners.
  3. Find out the different pricing schemes. Job posting sites advertise their pricing either on a per month or per job post basis. Employers with only one or two open positions might benefit from a per job plan.

Top Healthcare Job Posting Sites:





Workopolis is one of Canada's leading online career sites. Since it was acquired by Indeed in 2018, users can also create free job postings on Indeed, one of the most trafficked job sites in the country.

2.Healthcarejobs.ca (Jobs.ca)

Forming part of the Jobs.ca network of job boards, Healthcarejobs.ca is a dedicated job site for careers in the medical field. Job seekers can find a diverse range of healthcare related jobs across the country.


CanadaJobs.com is one of the country's largest free job sites. The job board features a medical and health category where job seekers can find career opportunities for healthcare professionals and related jobs within the general healthcare sector.


A healthcare job board that caters to the North American market. Job seekers can search thousands of healthcare vacancies across Canada and upload their resumes. Employers can create a company profile page and access a resume database. Job posts are distributed to Google for Jobs and Talent.com.

5.Nursing Careers Canada

A niche job board that features hundreds of nursing jobs from across Canada. Job seekers can upload their resumes and search the job board or employer database for career opportunities. Hiring solutions for employers include a resume database and job posting plans with volume discounts.

6.Monster Canada

Monster is a great job board for a wide range of jobs and offers a range of useful features for employers, including advanced resume search tools, employer branding, and flexible job postings.

7.Job Bank

Job Bank is the official job site of the Canadian government and attracts more than five million views per month. Employers can post jobs for free and access a wide range of useful resources to guide them throughout the hiring process.


WOWJobs is a free job posting site managed by Indeed. Job seekers can search thousands of vacancies aggregated from job boards, employment, and career sites across Canada.

9.Healthcare Jobsite

A great healthcare job board that, although primarily directed at the U.S. market, also features healthcare jobs in Canada. The platform is part of the massive Beyond network and offers an extensive variety of positions, from nurses to case managers and data scientists.

10.Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CAHC)

The CACHC website features a dedicated job board for career opportunities at Community Health Centres across Canada. Listings are actively promoted via social media, partner organizations, and training institutions. To post a job on the platform, you must be a CACHC member.

Pricing Comparisons:





Free and paid options.

2.Healthcarejobs.ca (Jobs.ca)

From C$325.00 /post.




From C$99.00 /mo.

5.Nursing Careers Canada

From C$300.00 /post.


From C$299.00 /mo.

7.Job Bank



Free and paid options.

9.Healthcare Jobsite

From C$253.00 /mo.

10.Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CAHC)

Open to members only. Annual membership costs start at C$500.00.


Are there any free healthcare job posting sites?

Are there any good niche sites that I can use to post my medical job adverts?

Are healthcare job ads more expensive than other fields?

They can be. In general, niche job boards for medical hiring will charge you for posting. Healthcare and medicine is a very competitive industry for hiring, so you may have to pay to advertise some of the more in-demand jobs. That said, there are still plenty of free medical job posting sites to try.

Where can I post my home health aide job ads?

Are there any free sites to post my home health aide jobs?

Can I post a job for a home health aide on social media and expect results?

It depends on a lot of things, but there's no harm trying. We've written a guide with tips for social media recruiting that should be a big help. Advertising on social media can be especially effective because you can target people by profession.

Are there any places to post my medical secretary job ads for free?

Niche sites for medical secretaries are not free, but you can try posting to Indeed Canada, Monster, and other sites. You might also try posting your medical secretary jobs to social media sites, and asking employees to help spread the word.

Are there any suggestions on how I can post my medical secretary job ads effectively?

When you're posting jobs in very competitive hiring markets, you've got to think of your potential applicants as customers that you're advertising to. Focus on what makes your job and your workplace the one they'll want to work for. Minimize requirements and qualifications down to the ones that are actually essential. Don't bore them with a long list of irrelevant bullet points like "Microsoft Office Proficiency."

Where can I post my medical case manager job ads?

Is there any advice on how to hire hospitalists efficiently?

Hospitalist jobs posting sites can be very competitive right now. Try getting in touch with alumni networks that graduate hospitalists, putting the word out on online forums like HMXexchange.org, and telling people in your network who work directly with hospitalists about the job. Be sure to emphasize what makes working at your hospital attractive to candidates who may already be employed.

How can I write an effective medical assistant job post?

The key to all job posts and this is even more important with very competitive hiring markets, is to focus on writing the post from the perspective of the applicant. Why should they work for you? What makes this job better than others? For more advice on this, check out our post on job posting templates.

How do I write an effective occupational therapist job ad?

Focus almost completely on what your ideal applicant would love about working at your company in the job posting, and keep the requirements focused only on the must-haves. Don't drown applicants in bullet points for every imaginable qualification. Think about what makes your job and your company attractive as an employer and focus on that.

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