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Things to Consider When Evaluating Healthcare Job Posting Sites:

  1. A healthcare job posting site can do more than list jobs and source candidates. Find a site that offers more value, like useful tips for employers and employees, resources for medical professionals, an applicant tracking system, and industry news.
  2. Employers looking for a specialized medical role, such as a surgeon, might want to list the position on a healthcare job posting site that looks for specialized medical practitioners.
  3. Find out the different pricing schemes. Job posting sites advertise their pricing either on a per month or per job post basis. Employers with only one or two open positions might benefit from a per job plan.

Top Healthcare Job Posting Sites:





Indeed is a popular international job site that attracts millions of visits every month. It offers employers a range of tools and resources to streamline their recruitment efforts.


reed.co.uk is one of the UK's leading job sites. Employers and recruiters can post jobs and conduct CV searches while job seekers can browse jobs and have access to a recruiter directory and career advice, as well as online courses.


CV-Library is an award-winning job board that has a database of more than 16 million CVs from qualified candidates across the UK. Job seekers can filter jobs by job type, location, and industry, which makes it easy to find suitable listings fast.


HealthJobsUK.com is an independent UK health job site. Candidates can browse health care jobs and search for employers by name or location. Employers are offered a variety of advertising options, including single and multiple postings, featured jobs, and banner ads.


Jobs4Medical is a specialist niche job board for medical professionals. Job seekers can search thousands of listings for a wide range of health care jobs. Recruiters can advertise vacancies and search for matching candidates.


Totaljobs is another popular job site in the UK that attracts millions of job seekers every month. The site allows employers to browse resumes and connect with relevant candidates.


LinkedIn is the world’s most popular social network for professionals, making it an attractive option for finding qualified professionals.

Pricing Comparisons:



Pricing (£)


Free and paid options.


From £150.00 /post.


From £75.00 /post.


Contact for quote.


Contact for quote.


£149.00 /6 wks.


Pay per click.


Are there any free healthcare job posting sites?

Are there any good niche sites that I can use to post my medical job adverts?

Yes, we've listed a bunch of them with the specific jobs they're best to hire for. These are some of the best job posting sites for healthcare hiring because they let you focus narrowly on the position you need to fill.

Are healthcare job ads more expensive than other fields?

They can be. In general, niche job boards for medical hiring will charge you for posting. Healthcare and medicine is a very competitive industry for hiring, so you may have to pay to advertise some of the more in-demand jobs. That said, there are still plenty of free medical job posting sites to try.

Where can I post my home health aide job ads?

Can I post a healthcare job on social media and expect results?

It depends on a lot of things, but there's no harm trying. We've written a guide with tips for social media recruiting that should be a big help. Advertising on social media can be especially effective because you can target people by profession.

Where can I post my medical secretary job ads?

Are there any suggestions on how I can post my healthcare job ads effectively?

When you're posting jobs in very competitive hiring markets, you've got to think of your potential applicants as customers that you're advertising to. Focus on what makes your job and your workplace the one they'll want to work for. Minimize requirements and qualifications down to the ones that are actually essential.

Where can I post my medical case manager job ads?

Where can I hire healthcare workers offline?

If online hiring isn't working, you might try putting the word out with your current employees, letting them know that you're hiring, and see if they can use their networks to refer employees. You might also try local universities and see if they have an alumni network you can offer your jobs to.

What is the best site you can recommend to post my registered dietitian job ad?

Try niche job sites like Nutrition Jobs and iHireNutrition. You might want to look for industry forums, such as the Dietitian Central forum, and see if you can reach registered dietitians there.

Where can I post my hospitalist job ads for free?

Niche job posting sites for hospitalists tend to be paid, so you may want to try posting to social media and general job boards such as Indeed and reed.co.uk. Be sure to alert employees to the opening as well so that you can take advantage of referrals.

Is there any advice on how to hire hospitalists efficiently?

Hospitalist job posting sites can be very competitive. Try getting in touch with alumni networks, putting the word out on online forums like HMXexchange.org, and telling people in your network who work directly with hospitalists about the job. Be sure to emphasize what makes working at your hospital attractive to candidates who may already be employed.

Where can I post my medical assistant job ads?

How can I write an effective healthcare job post?

The key to all job posts, and this is even more important with very competitive hiring markets, is to focus on writing the post from the perspective of the applicant. Why should they work for you? What makes this job better than others? For more advice on this, see Betterteam's job posting template.

Where can I advertise my post speech pathologist jobs?

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