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BDJ Jobs is a niche job board that supports the members of the BDA by providing guidance and support in recruiting new staff members. The association produces the British Dental Journal, considered to be a world-leading dental publication, which employers can also use for posting job ads.

Employers can benefit from the BDJ's nearly 18,000 monthly site visitors and more than 735,000 annual job page views. The platform features benefits including employer branding on job advertisements and several payment options for companies of all sizes.


  • Employers can post online adverts directly to the website.
  • Candidates can apply directly on the job site. A list of candidates is then sent to the employers.
  • The platform offers employers access to their candidate database.
  • Employers can also post their ads in the British Dental Journal published by the BDA.
  • The job site offers assistance to employers who need help posting their ads online.
  • Employers can repost jobs ad telephonically.
  • Job posts can be customized with employer branding.
  • The site provides employers with a video applicant screening service, whereby candidates submit videos of them answering questions related to the position.
  • The BDJ doesn't place any limitations on word counts for job advertisements.
  • The site promotes job listings through emailed job alerts.
  • The platform offers a marketplace where employers can find training opportunities, property, financial services, and buy dental equipment.


  • Active online job posts cannot be easily removed once they have been published.
  • Employers that want to approve their ads before they are posted online, need to specifically request that a mockup be sent to them.


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Member Pricing

Nonmember Pricing

Nurses & Practice Support


£130.00 /post.


£349.00 +VAT /post.

£399.00 +VAT /post.


£525.00 +VAT /post.

£605.00 +VAT /post.


£650.00 +VAT /post.

£750.00 +VAT /post.


£1,775.00 +VAT /post.

£1,775.00 +VAT /post.

Employers can also opt to post the job vacancies as print ads in the British Dental Journal. For more information on these print ads and the publication of the journal, contact the BDJ sales team.

How to Post a Job on BDJ Jobs:

£130.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on BDJ Jobs:

Five easy steps for posting a job on BDJ Jobs.


Posting a Job on BDJ Jobs.

Navigate to the BDJ Jobs home page.

From the home page, click "Post a Job" in the top right-hand corner.


Select a posting package to purchase.

Select a posting package to purchase.

The job site offers a list of job posting packages. To access them, select "Click here." Read through the benefits of each package and choose one that will suit your needs. Then, click "Advertise now."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Fill out the online form provided. Then, select "Save and continue." You will now be able to post your job online.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Follow the onscreen prompts to create your job post. Start by adding a job title and location. Then click on "Next."

You can choose to create your job post from a template. Alternatively, use Betterteam's job description template to help structure your job post.

Add a job description and summary before clicking on "Next."

Add some job details, such as salary description and location descriptions, as well as some company info.

Select a job category and add further job information such as contract type and hours. Then, click on "Next."

Select your application settings and job post duration before clicking on on "Next."

Add any additional upgrades by checking the relevant boxes. Then, click on "Save and Continue."


Complete the payment and post your job ad.

Complete the payment and post your job ad.

Review your order and click on "Checkout." Follow the prompts to complete the payment process. Once the purchase is complete, your job posts will be added to the BDJ Jobs website.

If you have a discount code, you can enter it on this page.

BDJ Jobs vs.

Both and BDJ Jobs are niche sites that target the dental sector. While BDJ Jobs is aimed at the U.K. market, is a global job board. It should be mentioned that offers applicant tracking and a video interviewing option, features that BDJ Jobs lacks.

BDJ Jobs vs. Dental Talent:

Dental Talent's job posting plans start at £399.00 +VAT per post, while BDJ Jobs offers free posting for members and charges £139.00 per member post. Dental Talent has a more feature-rich profile than BDJ Jobs, including social media promotion and applicant tracking, but it does lack CV searches, which BDJ Jobs, in turn, offers.

BDJ Jobs vs. is a general job board featuring job posts from more than 25,000 employers, while BDJ Jobs has under 3,000 jobs listed. While BDJ Jobs offers a targeted approach to dental recruitment, is more affordable, charging less than a quarter of the price of BDJ Jobs' £130.00 +VAT for nonmembers for a single job post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Springer Nature Limited

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1880


4 Crinan Street, London N1 9XW



020 7843 4729



What is BDJ Jobs?

BDJ Jobs is the job board of the British Dental Association. They aim to support the members of the BDA by providing guidance and support in their practices and with the recruitment of staff members.

How do I register an account on BDJ Jobs?

  1. Navigate to the job board's home page.
  2. Next to Recruiters in the top-right of the page, click "Create account."
  3. Complete the online form and click "Save and continue."
  4. Your account is now registered.

What does it cost to post a job to BDJ Jobs?

BDJ Jobs' pricing starts at £130.00 +VAT for an essential job posting by nonmembers.

How do I delete a post from BDJ Jobs?

Employers who would like to remove a job post should contact the site administrators for assistance.

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