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Jooble aggregates job postings from other sites for free. Contact Jooble for information about sponsored posts.


Jooble has a large audience and attractive features like job post analytics, email alerts to suitable candidates, and sponsored job posts that appear first in search results.


  • Jooble features jobs from 69 countries.
  • The site is available in 25 languages.
  • Analytics on job posts are available.
  • Employers can manage the flow of candidates.
  • Job seekers that match job descriptions receive job alerts.
  • Employers only pay for clicks on targeted ads.
  • Jooble integrates with several applicant tracking systems.


  • There is little assistance with hiring, such as prescreening questions, features on social media, and the ability to invite candidates to apply.
  • Jobs cannot be posted directly to the site. All posts are aggregated.
  • Jooble lacks the option to share job posts on social media, unlike similar job boards, such as Monster.
  • Several employers have complained about expired vacancies still being displayed on Jooble.


We found several reviews on Trustpilot. The reviews were mixed, with 52% of reviewers rating the site as excellent, and another 43% rating the site as bad. Many of the 5-star reviews were posted within days of each other. Negative reviews state that the site aggregates expired job posts without permission from employers.

How to Post a Job on Jooble:

Jobs cannot be posted directly on Jooble; jobs are aggregated from other job sites. Employers can sponsor jobs featured on the site by contacting Jooble.

Jooble vs. Indeed:

Indeed is one of the largest online job boards and offers both free and sponsored job posts. Employers can choose how much they would like to spend on sponsored posts. Jooble does not allow employers to post directly to the site, but employers can sponsor job posts to make them appear first in search results.

Jooble vs. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn differs from Jooble in that it is not a job aggregator; businesses post job vacancies directly to LinkedIn. Users have complained that Jooble features expired posts and employers are inundated with applications for a position that has been filled. LinkedIn gives employers more control over job advertisements.

Jooble vs. Monster:

Monster is an international job board that offers a variety of affordable pricing options. Unlike Jooble, Monster shares job posts on social media and offers email campaigns. Both job boards are internationally recognized, reaching millions of job seekers. Jooble aggregates jobs for free while Monster's pricing starts at $12.00 per day.

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Legal Name



Roman Prokofyev

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


Griva Digeni St., Panayides Bldg., Office 203, Limassol 3035 Cyprus




011 (44) 20-3239-2317




What is Jooble?

Jooble is an online job posting platform that businesses can use to identify and source quality candidates for vacant job posts.

How do you post a job on Jooble?

You can't post jobs directly to jooble.org. Jooble is a search engine that collects postings from other job sites.

How can I remove my job post from Jooble?

You will need to remove your job post from the original website that it was published on. Once you have done that, the removal will automatically synchronize with Jooble and your job post will no longer be visible on Jooble.

Can Jooble target traffic to my job board?

Yes, Jooble makes use of a Job Aggregator feature. You will need to provide an XML feed to set up Jooble's aggregator tool.

Is Jooble available around the world?

Jooble is available in most countries. To see which countries are included, go to jooble.org and scroll through the list of mirrored sites by country.

Can I search for jobs in specific cities or towns using Jooble?

If you are on your country's version of the site, you can enter a location and keywords to search for relevant jobs in your area.

Does Jooble offer employers assistance with interviews?

No, unfortunately Jooble does not assist or provide guidance to employers on their interview process.

What types of jobs can I advertise on Jooble?

Jooble is a general job board that aggregates job posts from all industries.

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